Henry Dean

Henry Dean – A Man of Many Talents

Henry Dean passed away peacefully on March 24 in Rome Georgia after an ardent fight against cancer. A man of many talents, Henry loved his family dearly and was an outstanding Christian leader who will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Walden was his most celebrated work, drawing upon field observations recorded in his journal. Additionally, he wrote numerous essays and poems.

Early Life and Education

Henry Dean hails from Cary, North Carolina but relocated to Rochester for college studies at Eastman School of Music and currently belongs to Mu Phi Epsilon Chapter as an active student member. Additionally he volunteers his services at Early Childhood Music Program as a volunteer musician.

He published numerous articles on social and economic topics. As Dean of Stanford’s school of education during tumultuous times between 1966-1970, his legacy still influences Stanford today.

Dean’s art expresses landscape in transition, where direct responses to environments collide with artistic processes in a dynamic process of exploration. His works bring compassion into landscape, assigning beauty, completeness and value to experience/product experiences – showing that nature still resonates in today’s metamodern culture.

Professional Career

Henry is dedicated to helping others and inspiring teams to transform organizations. He strongly believes in education’s power as a powerful means for social transformation, constantly pushing against existing systems.

As Dean of UCLA Samueli School, he works to advance scholarship and education while supporting various initiatives within and outside of UCLA. His vision for his school is one in which students are provided the tools to become the best versions of themselves while contributing meaningfully to society.

During his tenure, he has introduced new programs and enhanced academic quality, such as revamping Weekend MBA program and offering several master’s degrees such as hospitality management and engineering management. Furthermore, his efforts have resulted in improved student recruitment efforts, higher GMAT scores, and reinforced the MBA curriculum.

Achievement and Honors

He is renowned as both an author and public speaker. Throughout his career he has participated in multiple projects and won various awards.

He served as Dean of the University Faculty in 1945 and brought dignity, courtesy, strength, and wisdom to his role. At that time, enrollments had spiked rapidly due to World War II’s end; inflation was eating away at faculty salaries while McCarthyism plagued campus life.

He presided with care and precision over the Faculty committee system and ensured that its voice on basic questions of educational policy were effectively conveyed to President and Board of Trustees. As dean he was also one of the first deans who regularly addressed Board, led efforts to establish Faculty Council of Representatives, as well as improved how research misconduct cases were managed.

Personal Life

Dean overcame racial discrimination to excel academically and was appointed to work for the United Nations as part of their staff team in Haiti and Somaliland to enhance local lives by improving quality-of-life issues.

John also served on the boards of multiple nonprofits and was an active member of Rotary. A committed follower of Christ, John loved preaching at Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago where he preached to homeless individuals as well as prisoners.

Henry currently resides in Rochester, New York and studies Vocal Music Education at Eastman School of Music. As president of Eastman Programming and Involvement Council and Mu Phi Epsilon (one of Eastman’s professional fraternities), he serves on both committees. Furthermore, Henry performs with both university choir and Collegium.

Net Worth

He appeared in numerous films such as Pork Chop Hill, Two-Lane Blacktop, Cockfighter and Repo Man as well as television shows like Gunsmoke and Rawhide.

He has amassed an enormous fortune during his career. Now living comfortably with his wife, he boasts an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

The couple actively contributes to various charities. Together they run the Dolly Parton Imaginary Library for children as well as Dr Thomas Foundation. Furthermore, they own multiple restaurants together as well as producing skincare products under their brand. Living together in Brentwood Tennessee with son Michael.

Henry Dean
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