Henry Groeneveld

Henry Groeneveld

Henry Groeneveld went missing shortly before Christmas last year, prompting widespread alarm among family and friends in Everett. Their police department conducted extensive water searches without success – they have searched local bodies of water but are yet to locate him.

He was an devoted family man, serving on Aplington school board and volunteering with church ministry. Additionally, he enjoyed fishing trips and cheering for his grandchildren’s sports teams.

Early Life and Education

Henry Groeneveld went missing in December 2017 and caused widespread consternation throughout Snohomish, Washington. Liz Dickson spent two months searching for him despite having to forego work as part of her search effort.

Early life stress remains poorly understood, yet there is growing consensus that exposure to adverse events during childhood may have lasting negative impacts on cognitive and emotional processes. Such events include exposure to toxic materials, malnutrition, economic hardship or abuse.

Despite his struggles, he was an amazing father and family man. He actively participated in his grandchildren’s Awana clubs as well as church ministry work. Additionally, he enjoyed collecting stamps and would visit post offices frequently in search of pictures to add to his collection.

Professional Career

Groeneveld was both a professional tennis player and coach. He served as coach to several players including Monica Seles, Ana Ivanovic, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and Caroline Wozniacki and was director at the Swiss Tennis federation.

He vanished before Christmas last year in Snohomish’s 400 block of Union Avenue and was 5-foot-7-inches and 150 pounds, with gray hair and blue eyes. When last seen wearing red knit cap, brown pullover and blue U.S. Postal Service pants.

His disappearance spurred a communitywide search that involved local bodies of water and police dog teams. Anyone with information on his whereabouts was encouraged to call 911 immediately, while his family are currently making arrangements for his funeral; for more details visit Bauer Funeral Chapel website.

Achievement and Honors

Groeneveld is best-known in sports circles for his collegiate tennis career. Twice named to the ITA All-American Team and Scholar Athlete. Additionally, he earned a 3.57 GPA majoring in Biology and Pre-Physical Therapy at Vanderbilt.

He has achieved great success in home renovation as well, having renovated over 50 houses including Mintz Mansion in Phoenix and receiving multiple awards including a Gold Leaf award for his efforts.

His wife, Hella, and one child have been searching for him since December 11. Donations made will help his family pay search expenses; their efforts have received overwhelming community support – an inspiring testament to its potential power.

Personal Life

Groeneveld was an enthusiastic family man who took great pleasure in his work with the Postal Service for 26 years in Roosevelt and Trombley areas, greeting passersby along his route, according to daughter Liz Dickson. He had an exceptional memory that could recall faces even months or years later.

He volunteered at his church, children’s Awana clubs, and was active in their lives as well as Monroe Men’s Prison Ministry.

Groeneveld disappeared without trace on December 11th in Snohomish, Washington and has subsequently been unaccounted for since that date. Family and friends have come together in their search efforts with no apparent leads being discovered so far. He will surely be missed as he leaves behind his wife and three children.

Net worth

Henry Groeneveld’s disappearance in December 2017 spurred a massive search effort involving helicopters, divers and imaging equipment. His body was located in January of 2018; police suspect he took his own life. Henry worked as an US Postal Service mail carrier; last seen wearing red knit cap, brown pullover and blue USPS pants on Union Avenue in Snohomish.

Henery Greenfeild was born around 1930 in Iowa, United States. In Before 1934 he married Lena Groeneveld and they had one daughter together: Careldena Groeneveld.

Henery Greenfeild passed away peacefully at age 81 and was survived by his wife and children. His body is interred at Grandville Cemetery. He had seven siblings including Tillie Groeneveld, Mamie Groeneveld, and 6 others who survive him. Henery Greenfeild will always be fondly remembered by them all.

Henry Groeneveld
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