Henry Pershing

Henry Pershing

He keeps everyone at his Kitsap County workplace on their toes with his overstuffed key ring, fondness for holidays and Big Macs and skill with video cameras – keeping all on edge at his job!

SouthStar cannot credibly argue that Pershin’s signing of the Subordination Agreement in Florida constituted an attempt by him to leverage this privilege in conducting his activities there.

Early Life and Education

After graduating from West Point, Pershing joined the United States Army as a commissioned officer and served for several years – participating in numerous Indian campaigns while receiving high marks for his leadership abilities.

He commanded the American Expeditionary Force during World War One, often clashing with military and political leaders due to his determination to create an independent American army.

SouthStar does not explain how any evidence it plans to uncover would change this court’s conclusion, nor why discovery in this instance would be beneficial. As such, this court grants defendants Fresh Start and Pershing’s motion for dismissal without impacting other parties’ claims; SouthStar can still amend its complaint should necessary.

Professional Career

He served as an associate professor at the University of Denver, teaching neurology and psychiatry classes and contributing to both medical and scientific journals as a contributor.

He holds memberships in both the National Association of Housing Authority Executives and American Association of Home Builders. With his passion for photography, he uses it to document the work that he is completing for Bremerton Housing Authority.

He enjoys entertaining and is known to find gifts perfect for every special event or celebration, often wearing costume to do so! Additionally, he thrives on meeting people and appreciates improvisational comedy as much as anyone. Lastly, he lives alone but uses Kitsap Transit’s ACCESS bus each Thursday to travel between home and housing authority.

Achievement and Honors

He is also an accomplished singer-songwriter, having written songs for various country artists such as Lyle Lovett of the Beach Boys. In particular, one of his compositions titled “Long Tall Texan” was recorded by these acts and made an album release.

Jeff lives in Bremerton and works at Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority under the supervision of Washington Cares, a job placement agency for people with developmental disabilities. However, according to Deb Howard as his supervisor he does much more than mopping floors or vacuuming carpets!

He held several roles within the military including serving as troop commander of the 10th Cavalry Regiment and tactical instructor at USMA as well as leading Punitive Expedition into Mexico to capture Pancho Villa. Additionally he advocated for civil rights and welfare of disabled persons before his passing in April 2014 at 82.

Personal Life

He was an unflappable leader who stood firm to military courtesy and smartness while maintaining an austere demeanor that many in his ranks found unsettling. On returning home in September 1919 to New York and Washington with thanks from Congress. His return home was met with standing ovations all across America and many citizens gave their thanks at his welcome home ceremony.

General Pershing dedicated himself to shaping a national defense program, advocating Defense Day and working tirelessly for citizens’ training camps.

He lived a modest, semi-secluded existence but never went unnoticed. Every Thursday he commuted to his housing authority office via Kitsap Transit’s ACCESS bus; cleaning three stories of office space but keeping abreast of world news through phone calls was his daily routine; now in his late eighties he kept up with world affairs via keeping abreast with current affairs websites like BuzzFeed or FoxNews.

Henry Pershing
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