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Henry Winkler Net Worth

Henry Leyvas and his girlfriend were assaulted at Sleepy Lagoon by boys from an opposing neighborhood on August 1, 1942, which caused them to return home beaten and bloody to East Los Angeles 38th Street to seek assistance in taking revenge upon their attackers. Once there they mobilized support against those responsible.

Trial proceedings made national headlines as police took decisive action against “Zoot-suiters,” with 17 youths being given severe jail terms as a result of this episode.

Early Life and Education

Henry Leyvas and other young people from his 38th Street neighborhood were spending the evening at Sleepy Lagoon reservoir – known for both day swimming and lovers lane at night – when Hank and Dora were approached by a group of boys from another neighborhood who began shouting and beating them severely.

Henry and his friends returned home, gathering more forces in an attempt to exact revenge against Downey boys. Initially they planned on attending a party at Delgadillo family home to try and track them down but when they arrived there, instead found an even larger group than expected.

After an 18-hour fight between all parties involved, which resulted in Jose Diaz’s death and subsequent arrest, all suspects were brought up on charges, with Henry and other 38th Street Gang members used as examples of citywide intolerance towards Mexican American youth. During trial proceedings they became examples of this policy.

Professional Career

Lakin Valdez plays Henry, an attractive man with no inkling of what lies ahead for his future. Raul Cardona excels as El Pachuco, Henry’s idealized alter ego who represents what Henry aspires to become as an idealized Chicano man.

Henry began his professional life working for California Senator Connie Leyva as her deputy district director on issues pertaining to local governments such as water policy.

George Shibley played an integral part in the Sleepy Lagoon case, a murder trial that deepened ethnic divisions within Los Angeles and led directly to Zoot Suit Riots of 1943. Judge Fricke repeatedly identified Hank Leyvas as being part of a criminal organization during this trial; George Shibley did an exceptional job defending him at court.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Leyvas was known throughout his neighborhood as an excellent mechanic who would regularly repair cars for other boys in need of repair. Additionally, he earned a reputation for fighting back against bullies, according to Lupe (his sister). Lupe shared that Henry was an independent soul with plenty of money saved up for silk stockings, beauty creams and cologne purchases.

He became involved with law enforcement and spent several days behind bars due to his aggressive nature and domineering physical appearance, which made him an easy target. Following the Sleepy Lagoon incident, he joined a group of kids from Los Angeles’ 38th Street neighborhood who went to a party hosted by Delgadillo Residence believing they’d find Downey boys there; unfortunately they were brutally beaten instead, returning bruised and bloodied back home.

Personal Life

Henry Leyvas had an antagonistic relationship with police. He had previously been arrested for car theft and armed robbery charges, as well as being subject of a murder investigation.

Jose Diaz was murdered by Leyvas of the 38th Street Gang and subsequent trial proceedings fueled feelings of animus toward Pachuco community members. This led to widespread fear and persecution against them by police as a response. Furthermore, press coverage highlighted their actions further fuelling tension.

Leyvas and 21 members from the 38th Street Gang were charged with killing Denton Leyvas and sentenced to prison. Leyvas still maintained his civil rights and continued fighting for equality – eventually winning back his freedom through appeals and fights for equal treatment in court. This film by Luis Valdez offers both heartbreaking drama and powerful anti-racist statements.

Net Worth

Henry Winkler has amassed an estimated Net Worth of $40 Million through acting and production work, endorsement deals with several brands, and partnerships.

He spent his teenage years encountering legal troubles. He was arrested for loitering, assault and battery, fighting and even wearing a zoot suit at one point.

As part of his group of friends, Leyvas was falsely implicated in the Sleepy Lagoon murder mystery by media criminalization of zoot suit wearers, World War II-induced racism paranoia, and police cynicism, all factors which played into his trial and verdict.

Once his trial concluded, he continued working in television shows and movies. In 1974 he was cast as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in Happy Days; working on it for 11 seasons.

henry resources
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