Henry Rodney

Henry Rodney

Henry Rodney boasts an impressive resume encompassing music, food and theatre. As a restauranteur with his Dangerously Delicious Pies restaurants in Canton, DC and Detroit – an achievement which garnered him critical acclaim – Henry has built up an illustrious career.

He has his own show on Food Network; however, doctors have yet to be able to pinpoint his illness.

Early Life and Education

Henry Rodney was an internationally acclaimed Guyanese historian and political activist, authoring numerous works on history, politics, African studies and his classic How Europe Underdeveloped Africa.

He was also known for his talents as both playwright and actor; his roles on Guyana-based TV sitcoms Agree to Disagree and The Link Show earned him many fans.

Rodney was passionate about theatre and acting, performing across both the Caribbean and United States. As founding lecturer at National Drama School he helped organize and host numerous cultural events in Guyana. He is survived by his wife, three sons (Joe, Sam, John), as well as seven grandchildren.

Professional Career

Henry Rodney was a Guyanese actor renowned for his performances across theatre, spoken-word poetry, comedy and radio in both the United States and Caribbean over four decades.

R-SOPHOMORE SEASON (2019): Shined as an impact defensive lineman during his freshman season… He appeared in 13 games, starting one. Throughout those 13 contests – starting one – he recorded 35 tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss (12th on team), one sack and set his career high with six stops against nationally-ranked Ohio in an eventual win.

Food Network Star’s Henry Henry has become a star attraction, receiving admiring crowds wherever he goes: restaurants, airports, even The Glenmont Popes shows where he sells pies as a pie bastard — “slinging slices and selling whole pies at merchandise tables or show parking lots!–. He plans on expanding Dangerously Delicious Pies mini-chain into Napa Valley where his vision includes farm-to-table offerings.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Rodney was an exceptional husband, father, grandfather and friend who also excelled as a teacher and scholar. His contributions to Guyana’s education system included teaching drama, English and literature at numerous schools such as St Joseph’s High School in Georgetown; North Georgetown High School; APEX Academy as well as Cyril Potter College of Education were numerous.

He served on the Board of Governors of Richland Library Company for more than two decades and collaborated closely with the Ministry of Education in organizing cultural events. Known for his great sense of humor, humility, generosity, and leadership qualities; he made for a wonderful leader.

He was an esteemed Pan-African historian and Marxist theorist renowned for his scholarship and activism that helped to foster a new political awareness. Through this contribution to underdevelopment theory he provided new insight into global socio-economic issues.

Personal Life

Henry Rodney delighted Guyanese for decades with his performances on both theatre and television stages and screens, becoming best-known as Franklyn in the hit sitcom Agree to Disagree.

Rodney wrote numerous books and articles, such as A History of the Upper Guinea Coast and How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. Through his scholarship and political activism, his scholarship offered new perspectives on development theory as well as awareness for oppressed peoples.

Rodney continues to leave an impactful mark across the nation with his signature tattoos–notably “pie wings”–and brimmed hats, creating smiles on fans everywhere he goes. Since his summer run on Food Network Star, his fan base has increased considerably; they approach him wherever they see him for autographs and photographs with his “pie style” lifestyle and demand continues to increase.

Net Worth

Henry has not only made Guyana smile through his boxing career, but has also garnered many fans through his role of Franklyn on popular TV sitcom Agree to Disagree.

Professional Management and Start-up Company have provided him with a significant source of income. His work in overseeing the creation of various sports brands and celebrities such as Stephon Marbury and Kobe Bryant has yielded great returns.

He has been involved with various media projects, from directing to writing. At Radar Pictures he produced over 90 feature films and television shows as both director and executive producer. Furthermore, he wrote three books on boxing as well as appearing in several sports documentaries; additionally producing music for such musicians as Bruce Cockburn, Joan Baez, and Mose Allison.

Henry Rodney
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