Henry Shaffer

Henry Shaffer – A Lifelong Lover

Henry Shaffer was an active father who loved being involved with his children’s lives, often making them laugh and looking forward to camping trips together.

He entered the Naval Academy in June 1947 and graduated as a submarine officer, serving as pre-commissioning Commanding Officer of USS Greenling (SSN-614). Later he worked for Defense Nuclear Agency.

Early Life and Education

Henry Shaffer made family his top priority and did all he could to provide them with everything they needed. A loving husband and father, Henry taught his family to love unconditionally while laughing often; leaving a legacy for future generations by living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute.

Shaffer knew his audience would appreciate Equus’ depiction of Alan’s crime without offending or horrifying them, an indicator of his skill that is demonstrated through its effectiveness and startle factor.

Shaffer’s 1964 full-length play Royal Hunt of the Sun is an entertaining historical drama which weaves ritual, dance, music and theatre together to reenact Francisco Pizarro’s conquest of Peru’s Inca empire in 1533.

Professional Career

Henry Shaffer served in the United States Navy for over thirty years and earned many distinctions, such as receiving the Legion of Merit, two Navy Unit Commendations awards and other citations. Additionally, he published several books.

In 1965, he assumed his duties as pre-commissioning commanding officer of USS Greenling (SSN-614). Under construction at Electric Boat Yard in Quincy, Massachusetts. Following her commissioning in November 1967 and shakedown and exercises along the East Coast following Thresher’s loss in April 1963. She featured significant SUBSAFE improvements.

He is a member of the Naval Academy Class of 1951, having served as past president and major fund raiser for their alumni association. Additionally, he served on RCA and Martin Marietta Aero and Naval Systems boards of directors.

Achievement and Honors

Henry was an attentive father who showed his children an immense amount of affection. He was very involved in their lives – attending concerts, recitals and sporting events (especially hockey!) supporting his grandchildren as they competed and took many memorable camping trips with them – which will surely be missed by his family. Henry will be sorely missed.

He joined the American Physical Society in 1962 and later received their Fellow award, an accolade that honors members for making outstanding contributions to physics – be it through research, applications or leadership of this field of endeavor.

Named in honor of Gettysburg College alumni Henry and Lena Schneider ’13; presented to an outstanding senior who shows scholarly promise for teaching German in their future careers.

Personal Life

Henry was an incredible husband, father and grandfather who loved his family with all his heart. He made sure they received everything he had available to them; never missed an opportunity to be together; was an ardent follower of God and the church; an irreplaceable legacy indeed!

He enjoyed traveling, especially through Redwood Forest and Yosemite National Parks. In short, he lived life fully!

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Net Worth

Henry is a successful businessman and has amassed an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million.

As well as owning the Red Sox, he owns Liverpool FC soccer club and their home stadium in England as well as holding shares in NESN television network and 50% ownership in Roush Fenway Racing NASCAR team.

He has a deep knowledge of business and excellent negotiating skills. In addition, his understanding of financial markets as well as extensive investment experience make him an asset.

His personal life remains private, as he prefers not to share details regarding his wife, children, or any other details related to their family life. Additionally, he is an accomplished rodeo cowboy having won multiple rodeo competitions such as Angelina Benefit Rodeo in California (Redding Rodeo) and Gooding Pro Rodeo (Idaho).

Henry Shaffer
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