Henry Shahery

Henry Shahery

Henry Shahery, an entrepreneur specializing in industrial real estate, launched HSH Management as his latest venture in 2016 in Southern California with backing from investors from Mexico. What began as casual partnership has now blossomed into a large public REIT within Mexico.

Early Life and Education

Henry Shahery, an ardent believer in education and its benefits for human welfare, has successfully created and worked at thirteen companies over the course of 38 years. Adhering to the proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day; teach a man how to fish, and you provide sustenance for life”, his philanthropic efforts center around education as a primary theme; this has long been part of family tradition at Magbit Foundation which funds in-need youth. Most recently Henry raised $650k quickly so as to save the lives of children needing urgent surgeries due to rare diseases.

His charitable works do not stop there; he has also played an instrumental role in building and funding hospitals in Armenia.

Professional Career

Henry Shahery has been an entrepreneur since the early 1980’s. He owns and operates several textile businesses as well as having extensive real estate investing experience – first with friends from Mexico before eventually founding HSH Management in 2016. Now focused on purchasing industrial warehouse properties throughout Southern California.

His business philosophy is founded upon the proverb “Give someone a fish and you feed them for one day; teach someone else to fish, and you provide sustenance for life.” To give back through charitable acts – including raising over $650k within two weeks to save lives of children with rare diseases; his family has long championed education via Magbit, funding scholarships for youths over decades.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Shahery is an esteemed philanthropist, raising over $650,000 quickly for charities that help save the lives of two children suffering from rare diseases. Furthermore, Henry is affiliated with thirteen companies and in honor of his parents Yosef and Farang Shahery has donated funds towards TAU’s Check Point Building lobby being named in their honor; other family members include Frank Shahery Vida Shahery Shaw Shahery while possibly related people such as Afshan Bral Barokh K Shahery Carol H Shahery Siamak Okhovat and others as well.

Personal Life

Shahery remains grounded within his family and believes education to be the cornerstone of society. Education serves as his guiding principle and follows the old saying: Give someone a fish, you feed them for one day; teach someone how to fish, you provide sustenance for life.”

In 2016, HSH Management was formed with partners from Mexico as a casual partnership, but over time has developed into a formal real estate company with a primary focus on industrial properties in Southern California and across America.

Henry and his wife are well-known philanthropists in their own right, supporting Magbit Foundation which has provided education support to children in need for decades. He is also passionate about arts.

Net Worth

Henry Shahery is an ambitious businessman unafraid to take risks and push himself. His passion and drive have propelled him forward, earning him respect among textile industry peers. Additionally, Shahery is also an active philanthropist giving back through the Magbit Foundation and investing in real estate development opportunities in Mexico where they have begun investing. They hope to expand these efforts across North America in near future.

Henry Shahery
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