Henry Stange

Henry Stange

Henry Stange was a 54-year-old amateur radio operator who enjoyed being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Police quickly learned of their victim’s relationship with a young twenty-something and conducted surveillance on her phone records and obtained her location.

They discovered that she was living with Curtis Krueger, a Marine officer suspected to be involved in her death.

Early Life and Education

Stange worked tirelessly as Dean of Iowa State’s Division of Veterinary Medicine to make it one of the premier veterinary schools in America, by organizing its five departments into five separate units and developing several key academic and research programs – such as the Quadrangle – within his tenure.

Erwin also co-developed and established the country’s inaugural veterinary obstetrics course as well as serving as delegate to the Eleventh International Veterinary Congress as a delegate from Austria and belonging to various professional and honorary organizations.

Stange, 54 years old and single in Murrieta, spent much of his time immersed in his hobby of amateur radio – known for its controversial nature on air.

Professional Career

Henry Stange established Strange Engineering, a motorsports manufacturing company. His dedication to drag racing safety has been recognized with multiple awards over time, such as Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) John Melvin Award for Motorsport Safety.

Stange was a 54-year-old divorced father and modern renaissance man, taking pleasure in falconry, boating, sailing and freshwater sports fishing as hobbies. Additionally, he built and operated amateur radio transmitters and repeaters as a hobby; becoming well known among the ham community.

Stange’s body was discovered partially buried at Joshua Tree National Park in California on June 28. Investigators later determined that Curtis Krueger, serving with Combat Logistics Battalion-7 of 1st Marine Logistics Group Murrieta at that time, killed her. Both met through ham radio communities and shared an interest in building antennas.

Achievement and Honors

Stange was an active member of many professional and honorary associations, such as the United States Livestock Sanitary Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, Iowa Veterinary Medical Association and Iowa Academy of Science. Additionally, he served as a delegate at the Eleventh International Veterinary Congress.

He was honored as MSU Coors Player of the Year in 1985 and still holds team records in field goal percentage and free throw accuracy that still stand today. Additionally, during his five years on Bill Spoonhour’s staff at MSU he led them to Missouri Valley Conference titles in 1988, 1989, and 1990 and three consecutive trips to the NCAA tournament.

Michelson Laboratory Award was bestowed upon him, which recognizes individuals for outstanding technical excellence in solving ordnance development, test, and evaluation problems. This honor made history, as he became the inaugural non-military recipient.

Personal Life

Henry Stange is a family man who enjoys reading, taking pictures and traveling; surfing the Internet; as well as being very social; making many close friendships along his journey.

Stange has earned numerous accolades throughout his life and career, and is also actively engaged in charity work – contributing to both the American Heart Association and Red Cross through donations.

Curtis Krueger was found guilty of second-degree murder by a four-day jury deliberation process, following Henry Stange’s killing at Murrieta’s Henry Stange Park in May 2018. Stange was later discovered partially buried at Joshua Tree National Park; Discovery’s On the Case with Paula Zahn conducted an investigation that explored whether Krueger’s actions might have been motivated by love and jealousy as motives for killing Stange.

Net Worth

Henry Stange enjoyed cooking and woodworking. Additionally, he was an amateur radio enthusiast; building antennas and repeaters himself to amplify and relay radio signals. Henry belonged to the Amateur Radio (HAM) community as he participated in barbecue picnics and potlucks organized specifically for radio enthusiasts.

Kennedy delivers an impressive performance as Prince Hal, whom his father Henry IV (Stange) admires but cannot control. Additionally, Scroop and Lady Mowbray stand out as stand-out characters in this cast.

Cell tower connections indicate that Ashlie Nicole Stapp, 27, met near her Murrieta home on May 24. Defendant texted Ashlie but no response came back; together they loaded Stange into their pickup truck and drove to Joshua Tree National Park where they buried his body in a grave.

Henry Stange
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