Henry Tucker

Henry Tucker

Henry Tucker was an influential political leader and businessman from Bermuda with longstanding family ties dating back to the 17th century.

Howard Trott and John Cox from MCPs served on a three-man delegation appointed by the US to negotiate an alternative base location that would displace fewer people than Warwick/Southampton.

Early Life and Education

Tucker was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and attended public schools there before going on to become a university law professor as well as serving in Congress, state government positions (senator) superior court judgeships (Winchester and Clarksburg) organizer of private law schools as well as president of Virginia Court of Appeals.

He returned to Bermuda in 1938 and quickly rose through the ranks at Bank of Bermuda before being elected as general manager and head man, representing Paget in Parliament. A powerful figure, he opposed women being allowed to vote and was an outspoken opponent of universal adult suffrage and racial integration. Owning several properties himself with cooks and servants catering for him; also an avid collector of stamps.

Professional Career

Henry Tucker was a banker by trade who worked at brokerage firms and real estate investments. He came from colonial settlers of Bermuda’s 17th-century history; formed the United Bermuda Party in 1964 as its government leader during its inaugural elections with universal suffrage; served in both capacities during 1968’s first elections on Bermuda with universal suffrage voting systems.

He played an instrumental role in the advancement of women’s voting rights and merging government schools that had previously been segregated between white and black students. Furthermore, he helped prevent an American military base being constructed at the center of Bermuda which would have created two parts.

He received two knighthoods for his outstanding contributions to society and is still considered one of Bermuda’s foremost leaders.

Achievement and Honors

Tucker was an influential political figure who played an instrumental role in modernizing Bermuda and integrating black Bermudians into its economy. For his services he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of England.

During World War II, he led the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment across Sicily, Italy, Holland and Germany and earned two Distinguished Service Crosses as a result of this outstanding performance.

He served in the state Senate, was a superior court judge in Winchester and Clarksburg, and chaired the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals before joining the University of Virginia faculty as a law professor.

Tucker also excelled as an esteemed Bermudian politician and leader of the United Bermuda Party (UBP), serving in both Houses of Assembly for over two decades and leading this moderate, multiracial organization which had its founding in 1964.

Personal Life

Tucker was an extremely wealthy individual with numerous business ventures. Additionally, he was an avid stamp collector; in 1978 he sold his collection for $1 Million.

Henry James and Robert, his two sons, as well as his daughter Judith attended various renowned boarding schools in the US.

He was an active philanthropist, supporting numerous local charities and serving on the Sherborne School board. Additionally, he joined a debating society, participated in cricket and rugby matches and enjoyed cricket and rugby matches himself. A great patron of the arts he had a preference for British culture and enjoyed watching William Shakespeare plays; politically conservative during his political career; opposing women’s rights and voting rights for black people early on in his political career.

Net Worth

Tucker has also taken an active part in charity. He has participated in multiple NBA All-Star celebrity basketball games and hosted the 2020 Urban One Honours ceremony that honored stars such as Jamie Foxx and Missy Elliot. Furthermore, Chris Tucker Foundation was founded to assist children with disabilities.

After the success of Rush Hour, Tucker successfully negotiated a contract for its sequel and was paid $20 million as well as 20% of worldwide box office earnings. In addition, he bought a home in Tarzana, California; currently his net worth is estimated at $5 million; engaged to actress Vanessa Hudgens; enjoys golf; has participated in charity events; and boasts an extensive presence on Instagram.

Henry Tucker
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