Herb David

Herb David – Legendary Guitar Maker

Herb David was one of Ann Arbor’s premier guitar makers and an influential source for local musicians and artists alike. He served as an example to many.

Herb David Guitar Studio on Liberty Street in Ann Arbor operated for 50 years until its closing doors in 2013. In this time he produced guitars, dulcimers, harps, flutes, zithers, hurdy-gurdies and lutes while teaching lessons as well.

Early Life and Education

Herb was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1944 and was immersed in music of all forms from an early age. Both his parents were avid followers of country music and kept numerous instruments at home to play while raising Herb.

At four, he began teaching himself how to play the ukulele on his own and by his early teens had moved onto playing guitar.

His marriage to Peggy brought them both to Alpine, Oregon where Herb worked as a logger. There they raised two daughters named Laura and Rachel.

Professional Career

Herb David was an esteemed luthier, having constructed guitars, dulcimers, harps, flutes, zithers, hurdy-gurdies and hammered dulcimers at his East Liberty shop for 51 years. These instruments were sold directly to customers as well as offered lessons.

Herb was also an outspoken supporter of numerous causes. A lifelong Democrat, he championed equal rights for minorities, women in the workplace and veterans.

He also organized Rally on the Square, a political rally held at Constitution Square Park. She recalls how he would wear Oshkosh overalls with “Vote” stickers to all rallies he attended.

Achievement and Honors

Herb’s dedication to education and youth development led him to join Outward Bound USA as a board member, earning him recognition with their Kurt Hahn Award in 2020.

Herb was also a trustee at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI; Choate Rosemary Hall; and the National Housing Endowment. Additionally, he played an integral part in financing and overseeing construction of Kohler Environmental Center at Choate Rosemary Hall – his alma mater.

Herb was well-versed in engineering and design as well as marketing and product innovation. He spent much time supporting charitable causes, especially conservation and the arts. Herb was an avid supporter of The First Tee – an organization which promotes golf to underserved populations while teaching life skills through playing golf – while also giving back through charitable efforts such as conservation.

Personal Life

Herb David dedicated his life to music. His passion lay in sharing it with others and dedicating his time and talent to it and other forms of art.

Herb volunteered with Outward Bound USA, an educational nonprofit offering expeditions throughout the nation that provide personal and professional growth. Through this experience he experienced incredible personal and professional transformation.

He served as a mentor for numerous musicians in Ann Arbor, and founded and served on the Board of Liberty Plaza Music Series – an annual musical festival which brings together bands, musical contests, drum circles and ballroom dancing performances from local talent.

He is also widely-acclaimed luthier, famous for his stringed instrument work. His shop features exquisite custom-made instruments with intricate woodcarvings and engravings; additionally, he was asked by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. to craft an ancient instrument which features these features.

Net Worth

Herb Alpert’s net worth has been estimated at $850 Million. Herb has made his fortune in music as well as being an accomplished philanthropist.

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Herb David

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