Hermione Helps Snape Fanfiction

Hermione’s involvement in the Harry Potter series has often been the subject of fanfiction. Hermione has been shown to be helpful for Professor Snape and her actions have an impact on the course of war. But does Hermione help Snape in his quest to defeat Voldemort? Or is it just another example of Hermione’s selflessness? Here are three examples of Hermione’s contribution to fanfiction:

One fanfic that features Hermione and Snape working together to solve the Death Eaters’ plot involves them helping each other escape from the Dark Revel. Hermione is thrown together with Snape when she is in need of help. The two of them spend a lot of time together, and Hermione begins to see Snape as an equal. She falls madly in love. Severus is on the other hand, watching the Death Eaters amuse themselves. Severus is shocked by Hermione’s reaction and is disgusted. Lucius Malfoy also makes Hermione a target.

Another popular fanfic features Snape and Hermione as teachers. Hermione, the younger one, is still a student at Hogwarts. They are both younger but share a similar love for teaching. Writing fics that involve these characters will require a lot of writing skills. They may even team up to defeat an evil plot.

RavenHairedMoon created the second fanfiction about Hermione, Snape for the I Do Not Deserve challenge at WIKTT. This fanfiction shows Hermione finding Snape in a dark place, and helping him. Action ensues and Hermione even becomes pregnant early. The story is a little unrealistic.

In another fanfiction, Hermione aids Snape by revealing that her crush on Severus is something she does. They share similar intelligence and interests. They are both dark and mysterious, but they both have a soft side. Hermione has a velvet voice which makes them the perfect couple to bond. Snape is also very considerate, and his voluminous robes have helped him to become more sympathetic and caring.

Advanced Floriography is the third fanfiction about Hermione. This story revolves around sending messages through flowers. It takes place after HBP, but before DH. It’s a slow-burn fanfiction. Despite its slow-burn nature, it is well-written and has great character control. There’s also an alternate version of this fanfiction about Hermione and Snape that includes a flashback of the Deathly Hollows.

Hermione Helps Snape Fanfiction
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