Hokkaido Pronunciation

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It can be confusing to learn the name of Hokkaido if you haven’t. If you’re looking for a pronunciation guide, here’s some help. First, check the audio dictionary. Next, search for hokkaido in your language. To learn more about how other words are pronounced, you can also use an online dictionary. There are several audio versions of the word hokkaido.

Two Chinese words, Dao and Bei Hai, are the origins of Hokkaido’s name. These words are translated as “North Sea Circuit.” Named after the Middle Chinese Bei Hai (pokhoj) or Dao, which comes from the Tang dynasty. To learn how to say ‘hokkaido,’ first try to break down ‘hokkido’ into its component sounds.

The Hokkaido pronunciation is also based upon the Ainu dialect that evolved from Matagi hunter language. Before the 19th century, people in Hokkaido spoke British English on their way to Japan. Hokkaido is the second-largest country island. Hokkaido is separated from the rest of Japan by the Tsugaru Strait. It is the second largest and most northernmost of all the nation’s islands.

Hokkaido Pronunciation
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