Hope of America Utah

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Since more than 20 years, “Hope of America Utah”, a tradition that includes song, dance, patriotism and other traditions, has been an annual event. This year, it will be held outside in Rock Canyon Park in Provo, instead of the Marriott Center, because of crowd restrictions. The event features more than 500 children from across the Utah Valley, including many fifth grade students. Teachers are encouraged to bring their classes and prepare songs in advance.

The Festival features more than 25 events that celebrate, honor, and strengthen America’s freedom. The event includes the Stadium of Fire and Freedom Days, Balloon Fest and the Hope of America Student Showcase. It also includes an Essay Contest, Speech Contest and Patriotic Service. It also features a Fine Art Exhibit, Historic Provo Tours, and a Speech Contest. With more than 25 events, the festival is the largest of its kind in Utah.

Hope of America Utah
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