How a Clever Compromise Helped the Eagles

When the Eagles restructured their offensive scheme, they were faced with a dilemma: should they go back to being a run-heavy offense or continue to be a pass-heavy team? The Eagles chose to go with the former and Sirianni’s smarts were evident in the average number of running plays Sanders made from Weeks 3 through 7.

Sirianni didn’t hesitate to punish Hurts after he fell for the ball on Tuesday. He attributed this to his relationship to the QB as well as his comfort with hard coaching. Those are sound principles, but it’s important to remember that even a single poorly-timed turnover can cost the Eagles a game. They have a track record of avoiding costly penalties.

Sirianni recognized the importance of spring practices and called up some veteran players to offer a compromise. Instead of having full-team OTAs, players would meet individually with Sirianni. That made things more flexible for both sides. Players got to know Sirianni, and they formed a bond with him. While he was a new coach, he also wanted to get the players’ feedback.

Reagor’s struggles will only get worse as the season progresses. Although the Eagles have been blessed with great on-field leaders, it would not be possible to win without having a strong locker room. But, Sirianni says he needs all five wideouts on his roster to be successful. And, for now, Reagor is ahead of Greg Ward and Arcega-Whiteside.

While the game against the Cowboys means nothing to the Eagles, the backups held their own against the Dallas Cowboys. Even though they lost to the Cowboys, it was still fun to see them hold on for a few minutes more and score touchdowns. Despite all the controversy surrounding the game, it is still important due to Nick Sirianni’s pivotal role in the season.

Despite all the controversy surrounding the former quarterback’s future, the Eagles remain optimistic. They have a chance of winning the NFC East. Sirianni has stressed the importance to be smart in all situations. After all, winning a game requires mastery of the elements of the game that require little talent – and the Eagles have a chance of making that happen. However, they made a number of mistakes against the Washington Football Team. First, Dallas Goedert dropped a pass on the first drive, while the second-half interception came on a third-down play.

How a Clever Compromise Helped the Eagles
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