How Does Keesha Know How Fast the Ball is Travelling?

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Suppose you were to ask Keesha how fast the ball is traveling, and she replied that it is ten meters per second. However, what would you say is based on your reference frame. Then, you would have to find out what the radius of the ball is if you want to know how fast the ball is traveling. For instance, if the ball is travelling at 10 kilometers per hour, it should be moving at ten miles per hour.

This question is easy to answer, and Keesha explains it by using the law of kinetic energy. It is proportional to speed and can be simplified as KE = mv2. So, if you double the speed, the kinetic energy will increase by four times. But if you triple the speed, it will be nine times higher. So, if you want to determine how fast the ball is traveling, you will need to calculate the velocity of the ball.

Keesha says that she uses this rule to understand how she turns floaters into sinkers. In the Time Of The Dinosaurs, she mentions that she headsbutted Pachy and rammed his head. In “Gets Ants in Its Pants”, she uses a depressing example of this rule. Interestingly, Keesha calls out “Ralphie” and tries to get Dorothy Ann off the field.

Keesha is also fond of comparing floaters to sinkers and discusses how to turn a floater into a sinker. In The Time Of The Dinosaurs, she cites an example where she and Pachy headbutt each other. In “Gets Ants in Its Pants,” Keesha provides an equally depressing example by describing a scene of two dinosaurs slamming heads.

The speed at which the ball moves is directly proportional to its kinetic energy. So, doubling the speed doubles the amount of kinetic energy, which increases by four-fold. In other words, a doubled speed equals nine times the kinetic energy. The ball, at the same time, is going to travel at an incredible pace. Likewise, it will fly high in the sky.

To learn more about how fast a ball travels, read In The Time Of The Dinosaurs by Keesha. It illustrates the concept by illustrating how two dinosaurs headbuted each other. In “Gets Ants in its Pants,” Keesha gets a depressing example. She tries to push Dorothy Ann off the field with a hammer.

When we are talking about physics, we often consider how fast a runner is moving. If the player’s foot moves faster than the ball, he will make the ball move faster. The faster he runs, the faster he is going to run. Similarly, if a pitcher tries to strike the ball at a high speed, he will throw the ball slower than the opposing team.

When Keesha talks about turning a floater into a sinker, she is referring to the fact that a runner should not attempt to hit a floater when he’s on top of the scoreboard. Another example of a headbutted runner is the headbutt of Pachy. In the book, the ramming heads illustrates the headbutt.

When asked about the speed at which a runner can run, she can calculate how fast the runner’s foot is running. The runner can increase its speed by doubling it. This way, he can be sure that the ball will be going as fast as the runner’s feet. In a game, a runner will increase the speed by a factor of four.

How Does Keesha Know How Fast the Ball is Travelling?
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