How Does the New Balance 550 Fit?

The New Balance 550 is an excellent, low-top basketball shoe, and its design is reminiscent of a high-end Louis Vuitton trainer. Designed for a streamlined fit, it features a high-quality leather upper and a mudguard-overlaid toe box. The thick rubber outsole provides support and comfort.

The retro silhouette of the 550 has not lost its appeal and it’s a great option for casual wear. It’s also more affordable than the Air Jordan 1 ($168), despite looking similar. This sneaker is a good option for anyone looking to save money while looking great. The $110 price is comparable to a Stan Smith 100 or Air Force 1 100. Its emergence as a “couture sneaker” has been well documented on TikTok, and a few of the videos have racked up 43 million views. The 550 will be a mainstream shoe, but it will only be time.

The New Balance 550 fits true to size. If your feet are larger than average, you might consider ordering half a size bigger. This shoe is comfortable and can be worn every day thanks to its chunky sole. Although it’s a high-end sneaker, it’s also a great option for those who want a casual pair for everyday walking.

In recent years, the 550 has become more popular thanks to a variety collaborations from Converse to Aime Len Dore. The first Aime Leon Dore collaboration sold for nearly $500 on resale sites, while an AURALEE-designed 550 can fetch up to $850. Joe Freshgoods also collaborated on a popular pair of off-white pairs with canvas accents. This pair is part Freshgoods’ diversity initiative, and it sells for well above $100

The New Balance 550 has an excellent fit for most people. The leather is flexible and can be ordered half a size larger if you have wide feet. The NB 550 shoe is a great choice for active living. It is durable and low-maintenance. New Balance sneakers are affordable and will last for many years.

The New Balance 550 features a removable two-layer Ortholite insole, which provides better comfort and underfoot support. The insole helps keep your feet dry, and keeps them odor-free. The leather upper is easy to clean using a damp cloth. There are some cons to the New Balance 550, including limited availability.

The fit is important for athletic footwear. TTS can be a problem if you wear them in athletic shoes. The New Balance OMN1S is too big for narrow feet. This shoe is ideal for people with wide feet. If your foot is narrow, it might be a good idea to order half the size down.

How Does the New Balance 550 Fit?
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