How Far is Bellingham From Seattle?

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To determine how far Bellingham is from other locations, first calculate how long it will take to get there. The answer will depend on how far you want. This distance is calculated by combining average driving times on highways, local roads, traffic, and other factors. Bellingham is located in Washington’s Puget Sound region. This means that you can expect many towns and cities within a radius of Bellingham. You can try a smaller radius to find a closer place.

The distance between Seattle and Bellingham is 93 miles or 150 km. This takes approximately 2 hours 20 minutes by car. There are two airports in Seattle, one at the city of Tacoma, and one at Bellingham International Airport. Using the greatest-circle distance formula, a person can find the shortest distance from Seattle to Bellingham. When determining the distance by land, consider the amount of traffic in the Seattle area, and the time of day you’ll need to spend driving.

The North Cascades National Park covers the western half of Whatcom County. It is the second-most biodiverse location in the U.S. National Park System. The park is home to over 300 lakes, glaciers, and is renowned for its outdoor recreation. Travelers can enter Canada from Bellingham at the Peace Arch border crossing or the Blaine land border crossing. A fully vaccinated American can cross into Canada on August 9th.

Trains run between Bellingham and Seattle twice a day. The direct train takes 4 hours and makes six stops. Tickets are around 29 USD. It is possible to travel to Seattle by bus, but you must make reservations in advance to avoid last-minute delays. By car, the trip will take you around 2 hours and 18 minutes. The Bellair Airporter shuttle operates 7 days a week, and costs $28 USD.

Bellingham has a vibrant arts scene. The Bellingham Review is published by Western Washington University’s English Department. The Independent Writers Studio publishes Clover A Literary Rag. Several prominent writers, such as George Dyson, have resided in Bellingham. There is also an active classical music scene in the city. The Bellingham Festival of Music hosts the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra (formerly the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra) and the North Sound Youth Symphony.

How Far is Bellingham From Seattle?
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