How Much Did Jake Make From Tyron Woodley?

What was Jake’s payoff from Tyron Woodley We’ve all wondered how much the UFC superstar earned for his latest fight. Jake shared a video of his fight on Instagram after it, saying that he was “tenths” of the way to becoming billionaire. But what does Jake’s contract with the UFC mean? We’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out.

Woodley, who is half-brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, stepped into the ring for a rematch on Aug. 29. They met during the UFC’s UFC 205 promotion. Woodley lost to Paul in their professional debut. However, he was called in to replace Tommy Fury who had to withdraw due to a chest infection.

While the purse money was revealed by the Ohio State Athletic Commission, the real money will be in the pay-per-view shares. The PPV money is based on the number of PPVs sold online and the gateway income. Jake Paul is a major cash cow and makes millions from the event. Interestingly, Woodley, on the other hand, has yet to publicly reveal his pay-per-view share.

How much did Jake Paul earn from Tyron Woodley? It is a big payday for fighters who fight in high-profile fights. Woodley made $2 million in his debut and Paul made $690,000. But, the money didn’t stop there. Jake Paul’s official purse plus bonuses, PPV profits and sponsor bonuses doubled his earnings. This is just a small portion of the earnings Woodley and Paul will make.

Although the pay-per view figures for this fight have not yet been confirmed by an official, Jake Paul’s purse for the fight is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million. That’s a decent amount of money, but the total payout may be as high as $1.5 million. Jake Paul is a rising star, and he’s likely to make even more with the Showtime deal. Jake Paul’s manager at UFC has confirmed that he will be taking home a larger share of the pay per view profits.

Woodley’s motivation after winning his first fight was based on two positive moments that were part of the fight. In the fourth round, he nearly knocked Paul down and held him up with ropes. Paul lost valuable momentum and Woodley’s $500,000 bonus due to his loss of momentum. Hopefully, this fight will put Woodley in the position to face Paul in a lucrative rubber match next year.

How Much Did Jake Make From Tyron Woodley?
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