How Much Did Patrick Mahomes Make For His State Farm Commercial?

How much did Patrick Mahomes earn for his State Farm advertisement? Many NFL players make millions of dollars from endorsement deals. This is not an exception. Mahomes also has endorsement deals with Essentia and Hunt’s ketchup. In addition to state farm, Mahomes makes money from Nike, DirecTV, and many other brands. Read our article to learn more.

It’s no secret that Mahomes owns a number of sneakers. He revealed last month that he owns 180 pairs of sneakers. The commercial shows him working in a shoe shop and telling Jake about the State Farm employee discount. It’s hard to not get excited when Patrick’s sneakers are in the store. Mahomes can afford them, of course!

Mahomes’ contract, the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback is eye-popping. There has been no other player in the NFL to see such a rapid increase in their salary. His $10 million signing bonus is not to be overlooked. His salary is one of the highest-paid in the league, and he’s still in his rookie year. So, how much did Patrick Mahomes make for his State Farm commercial?

As a player, Patrick Mahomes’ contract with the Chiefs is reportedly worth more than $400 million. His contract is so lucrative, he’s the first half billion-dollar athlete in sports history. He is also part-owner of the MLS’s Sporting Kansas City, and MLB’s Kansas City Royals. At the moment, his net worth is estimated at $40 million, and it’s projected to increase exponentially with his increased status as the highest-paid player in NFL history.

Mahomes now has a net worth in excess of $40 million thanks to these endorsement deals. That includes the contract he signed with the Chiefs. The rookie contract for Mahomes was worth $555,000 a year, with the amount increasing to $645,000 a year after 10 years. His endorsement earnings amount to around $7 million, so he should earn more than $40 million by 2020. In addition, he is also expected to make $10 million by 2020.

How Much Did Patrick Mahomes Make For His State Farm Commercial?
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