How Much Does Patrick Mahomes Make a Second?

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You’ve found the right place if you’re trying to find out how much Patrick Mahomes makes per second. His new contract, which is worth almost $450 million over the next ten years, is a rising star in NFL QB. His total compensation includes $477 million in guaranteed mechanisms, as well as $140 million in injury protection. Mahomes could make up to half a million dollars depending on how the NFL treats him.

Since his 2014 draft by the Kansas City Chiefs, Mahomes has donated millions to charity. In November of 2018, he donated $15,000 to 15 different charities in the area, including United Inner City Services, KCK Public Schools, Special Olympics, Children’s Mercy Hospital, and Make-A-Wish. Mahomes has an All-Star team that includes Oakley, Essentia Water and Hy-Vet. He also has 15 and the Mahomies foundations that will be focusing on health and well-being as well as charitable causes.

In addition to his record-breaking rookie contract, Mahomes also signed a long-term deal worth $503 million with the Chiefs. His next deal will be contingent upon how well he performs and how many games his team wins. Despite the decline in form this season Mahomes’ salary remains high. During his rookie season, he won the MVP award and won the Super Bowl. Despite the decline in form, he has not lost his lucrative pay.

It is not surprising that Mahomes is a rising star, as his first-round draft pick came from Texas Tech. It’s worth noting that Hill’s presence was a key piece to the puzzle in Kansas City. Without Hill, the Chiefs’ offense will likely be built around Mahomes and the other playmakers. They will have $26 million in cap space in 2026 and plenty of talent with two draft picks.

The big question that everyone has is, how much does Patrick Mahomes make a second contract? The Chiefs have offered the QB a record-breaking 10-year deal that could be worth as much as $503 million over his entire career. This makes him one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. It’s also a fair question to ask: how much does Patrick Mahomes make a second contract?

Mahomes won against the Las Vegas Raiders. He threw for 406 yards and five touchdowns in a 41-14 win. His four-year total of passing yards tied Dan Marino’s and Joe Montana’s for most career games. He also threw for 410 yard and a touchdown in Week 15 against the Los Angeles Chargers, which tied his career record.

The Chiefs have eliminated the risk that he would be paid a signing bonus each year by signing him to a 10-year deal. Instead, the Chiefs won’t have any dead money on their salary cap in 2028. The Chiefs will be able to restructure their contract by doing this. He will most likely convert his base salary and roster bonus into a signing bonus, and prorate it over five year periods. The rest of his signing bonus would go towards his cap.

How Much Does Patrick Mahomes Make a Second?
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