How Much Does Patrick Mahomes Make From State Farm Commercials?

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You’re not the only one who has wondered how much Patrick Mahomes earns from state farm ads. Endorsement deals are a major source of income for many NFL players. Mahomes is not an exception. He has endorsement deals with companies such as State Farm, Nike, and DirecTV. He’s also endorsed products from Essentia water and Hunt’s Ketchup.

The quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs is paid $39.8 million a year and has a guaranteed base salary of $645,000 per year for the next ten years. His contract with the Chiefs is worth much more and he signed a 10-year extension worth $53million. As of the spring of 2019, he’s estimated to make between $2 and $3 million a year from State Farm commercials.

Mahomes has also taken a stand against police violence and misconduct, and has called on the NFL to apologize for its silence. He is also an active member in the Black Lives Matter movement and has teamed up to register voters with several NFL players, including Tyrann Matthewieu. Patrick Mahomes’ endorsement deal with State Farm has also helped him buy a pair of sneakers for his collection.

While Patrick Mahomes did not sign endorsement deals during his rookie season, he signed one of the biggest NFL contracts in history, worth $503 million over ten years. He’s now the latest NFL star to sign endorsement deals with State Farm. While we’re talking about how much Patrick Mahomes makes off State Farm commercials we should also note one interesting fact: He wears Adidas sneakers.

Despite his massive success as a quarterback, Patrick Mahomes’ State Farm deals might not be as lucrative as Aaron Rodgers’. Both players have been featured in numerous State Farm commercials since 2012. He has been featured in several State Farm commercials since 2012. And, his latest deal with State Farm may not be long. If the company receives negative feedback from fans it may decide to fire the quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes has also signed endorsement deals with State Farm, Adidas, Nike, and State Farm. In addition to his endorsement deals, the quarterback has also landed deals with DirectTV and Hy-Vee. State Farm is the company that he endorses most often. It’s not easy to know how much he makes from State Farm ads.

How Much Does Patrick Mahomes Make From State Farm Commercials?
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