How Much Is Jorge Masvidal Worth?

As a former MMA fighter, Jorge Masvidal has earned millions of dollars. The Cuban-born, Peruvian-bred welterweight has competed in Bellator, Strikeforce, and other MMA organizations. He has earned $3.157,837 in UFC thus far, as well as endorsement deals with MetroPCS, Reebok, and Reebok. Masvidal also recently launched a mezcal brand. In April 2021, he started his own bare-knuckle MMA promotion, Gamebred Fighting Championship. His inaugural PPV event will take place on June 18, 2021.

Masvidal received $120,000 in bonuses, and other payouts in 2014. He earned $287,000 and received $107,000 in bonuses in 2015. Masvidal also earned $26,000 for his starring role on a Spanish reality TV show. Since then, he has been an actor and a television personality earning more than ever before. Reebok has partnered him to launch Recuerdo Mezcal, a new beverage line. Masvidal’s current value is $3.4 million as of the time of writing.

Jorge Masvidal is a well-known UFC fighter who has won several major fights and earned a significant net worth. His rise to fame has come with his victories against Kamaru Usman and Nate Diaz, and he has even signed with the UFC after Strikeforce disbanded. His net worth has increased significantly, but the real question is “How much Jorge Masvidal is worth?”

Masvidal is far from the richest fighter in the UFC, even though many fighters join the UFC to make a living. His recent wins have pushed his net worth up substantially, but he still has a long way to go before becoming the highest-paid fighter in the world. If his ambition is to become the richest MMA fighter, then he will need a fortune in mezcal.

The best thing about Masvidal’s net worth is that he has three children with his wife, Iman Kawa. His MMA career has earned him four million dollars in endorsement deals. Reebok and MetroPCS also have deals with Masvidal. He has a huge social media following and enjoys living the lavish life. However, he has yet to disclose his net worth.

After he left the UFC, Masvidal took a year off to rest and recover. Masvidal claimed that he needed to take a break from fighting to recharge his mind and body. However, he returned in April 2013 to knock out Darren Till in UFC London. The fight also earned him the fastest knockout in UFC history. Masvidal was able to knock out the opponent so fast that he earned an estimated $66k.

Jorge Masvidal is worth $6 Million. Reebok has signed a lucrative endorsement deal for Masvidal, and he is expected to earn another $50,000 in the future. While the MMA world is a fast-moving business, Masvidal has remained loyal to the sport and has not strayed too far from his roots. He has been a professional fighter almost four years and has earned millions.

How Much Is Jorge Masvidal Worth?
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