How Much Is P-Star Worth?

If you’re wondering how much P-Star is worth, you’re not alone. This American actress is one of the richest actors in the world. She’s also one of the most popular, and she’s still very young! Currently, her net worth is anywhere between $1 million and $7 million dollars. However, her net worth isn’t known for certain because her personal life remains extremely private. She has no known divorce or relationships.

In addition to his music career, P-Star is also an entrepreneur. P-Star has many businesses including his own clothing line, a travel agency and a YouTube channel that has over seven million subscribers. His mother raised him, and she’s very proud of her son’s success. Jeffree Star is a successful rapper. He also owns a clothing line and a travel agency.

His net worth is impressive as he has produced 15 studio albums and appeared on many movies and TV shows. His own record label, No Limit Forever Records, is also his. Despite his success, Master P’s net worth has taken a hit recently, after partnering with a marijuana company for the sake of profits. The rapper is currently suing the marijuana company for $25 million. Master P may not be in the best health but he is still making money through his music career.

Jeffree Star’s net worth is an impressive $210 million. American singer, makeup artist, entrepreneur, Jeffree Star is a household name. Her fashion line, Jeffree Star, is worth over 50 million dollars. She has earned over 40 million dollars from her YouTube channel alone. Star’s net worth is staggering and is the result of her countless hours of work. As a makeup artist, she is able to charge anywhere from twenty to one hundred thousand dollars for her services.

How Much Is P-Star Worth?
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