How Much Is Paul Pestily Worth?


One of the most successful streamers on Twitch is Australian native, Paul Pestily. He is one of the most viewed and listened-to streamers in the world. He is an Aussie telecaster, YouTube creator, and broadcaster who has been dubbed the “Escape From Tarkov man.” Streaming is a career choice that has paid off for Pestily, earning him over three million dollars.

Early life 

He was born on November 7, 1986, in Australia. He was the son of John Pipe, who was the father, and Noel Piper, who was the mother. He hasn’t said anything else about his childhood or early life other than this.

As a kid, Pestily was addicted to video games. During his teenage years, he played various fps games like Counter-Strike (CS) and Half-Life

Before he started streaming, Pestily had several jobs. He was a part-time firefighter and a member of the Australian Army. After a few years, he left the army to pursue his career in gaming. His next big step was joining the reservist course. Once he finished, he decided to become a professional gamer. While he was a reservist, he did not get to spend much time playing computer games.


Pestily decided in 2018 to begin his professional life and career as a full-time social media influencer. He quit his job in the military to work in the gaming industry. Pestily was an excellent gamer and had an early interest in gaming. As a result, as an adult, he decided to pursue a gaming career. 

He is adored by thousands of fans worldwide for his engaging gameplay and interactive videos. Right away, Pestily used to stream a game called Break From Tarkov on Jerk. Later on, he began shooting match-ups which earned him more acclaim and ubiquity. Pestily rose to prominence as one of Twitch’s top chart streamers in the same year. His gameplays were adored by his fans and loved ones. 

Additionally, he launched his YouTube channel under the name Pestily. His YouTube channel now has over 633 thousand subscribers. Pestily’s dedication to his career and hard work has brought him to this point. He has a lot to teach the young person today who wants to succeed in the gaming industry.

Net worth 

Pestily has laid out an effective profession in the field of the gaming business. By streaming videos on a variety of well-known websites like Twitch and YouTube, among others, he has exploded in popularity. We can infer from his successful career that he has a respectable net worth. Paul’s monthly income is estimated to be around $12,000, according to some sources. Tiered subscriptions, tips, sponsorships, advertisements, donations of Twitch cheer bits, and merchandise sales also add to his income.

Social media 

Although he has a long list of fans around the globe, the largest base of followers is in Australia. With 1.2 million subscribers and almost nine hundred thousand Instagram followers, Pestily is a star on the social media platform. 


Notwithstanding, on New Year’s Eve, he revealed that he would collaborate with the Starlight Kids’ Establishment to raise $1 million for debilitated youngsters in Australia.

He would also host events throughout the year and donate everything through his Twitch account to the group.

Since he started screaming he has made it a goal to raise a million dollars for the foundation.


Christina, his long-term girlfriend who is now his wife, is his wife. Pestily and Christina have not yet had children.


Pestily has loved computer games since he was a youngster, and when he understood he could turn into a web-based entertainment force to be reckoned with and bring in cash from his one genuine romance.

He gained a large following and a large number of tiered subscribers thanks to his streaming of the shooting game Escape from Tarkov.

He rose to prominence in gaming entertainment and became one of the best Twitch streamers in 2019.

He has also participated in numerous competitions and won two EFL gaming championships.


In conclusion, Paul Pestily has made a name for himself as a streamer. His creativity and unique style have enabled him to reach millions of fans around the world.

Since the beginning of July, he has received nearly 50.000 subs. The streamer is close to becoming the Twitch creator with the most subscribers, but overall followers still have some way to go.

Though his real name isn’t public knowledge, Pestily is a talented video gamer who has earned recognition worldwide. Although he isn’t a household name, he has received millions of followers on social media and has earned millions of dollars in the process.

How Much Is Paul Pestily Worth?
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