How Much is the Forest App Worth?

how much is the forest app worth 28193

If you are wondering how much the forest app is worth, it has been in the news lately. The company has recently merged with pharmaceutical giant Actavis, and the two companies are worth $25 billion. The app allows users to spend less time on their phones and plant trees in their spare time. The trees will grow if users don’t check their phones. But if they are always checking their phones, they will die.

With this app, users can maximize their coin earnings, and they can do it by using the numerous options that the developer provides. These options can be used separately or in tandem. The faster they unlock items, the more coins they will earn. It’s important to remember that the number and value of coins changes every minute. It’s important to organize your sessions into 25, 150, or 180 minute segments. People who play the game often are more likely to have a higher net value.

How Much is the Forest App Worth?
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