How Much Is Trevon Diggs Worth?

If you’re wondering how much Trevon Diggs makes per year, you’re not alone. There are rumors about the player’s possible deal and the average salary for his position. Diggs’ contract details include his average annual salary, length of contract, height and weight. However, the truth is more complicated than this.

Average annual salary

If you’re considering signing Trevon Diggs, you have probably been wondering how much he’s worth. While he’s not a cheap commodity, his average annual salary of $14.4 million is impressive. Even if you factor in the contract he signed with the Vikings before being traded, Diggs should be making north of $13 million this year. Diggs is no longer a free high-priced agent. He has had his contract restructured and is being offered a contract by the Bills.

In 2018, Diggs signed a four-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys, securing an average annual salary of $1,580,227. The deal also guaranteed Diggs a $2,157,000.024 signing bonus for the next three years. In 2018, Diggs earned $3,853,820 in total, with a base salary of $897,314. He’ll be earning an average annual salary in 2021 of $1,580 2,227. Diggs will also have a $2,515,082 dead cap and a cap hit in 2021. After this season, he will be a free agent and likely to command a higher salary.

Trevon Diggs is worth approximately $1.5 million. He signed a six-year deal worth $6,320,000.907. The Cowboys guarantee $3 million of the deal, and Diggs also received a $1.58 million signing bonus. Diggs will earn a higher salary than most NFL players. If you’re curious about Trevon Diggs’ salary, check out his contract for more information.

Contract length

A four-year deal for Trevon Diggs would be worth about $80 million for four seasons and would be in line with what DeAndre Hopkins and Keenan Allen made last season. That kind of money would be an incredible deal for any player and should be on the minds of most teams looking for a top wide receiver. Diggs isn’t only thinking about money. The Cowboys are still unsure if the new deal will allow them to sign another player.

While Diggs will still have two seasons left on his rookie deal with the Minnesota Vikings, he’s a much better value today than he was in the past. His salary could rise three to fourfold by 2022, when he will be 27 years old. The Cowboys have $3.855million in salary cap space and could also sign a veteran cornerback. Diggs is likely to remain on the Cowboys’ team for a long period of time. They can expect to pay Diggs big if they keep him.

An average wide receiver earns $1 million per year. Diggs’ salary will likely continue to rise throughout his career. Diggs was a wide receiver for the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2016, before he joined the NFL. As a rookie, he earned $2,157,000.24, but his contract will likely last longer. Diggs is expected to earn more over the next few years and his net worth is $1.5 million.


He is a professional football player, so it is not common to ask about his personal life. Trevon Diggs (22 years old) has a lot to prove. He was a wide receiver and cornerback for Crimson Tide. As a child, he had to rely on his older brother after his father passed away in 2008.

Diggs was born September 20, 1997. He attended Alabama University. In 2016, Diggs was the fifth-highest-ranked Maryland player. He was also a return specialist. The Cowboys selected him in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The 21-year old is 6′ 2″ tall and 195 lbs. After playing his college football at Alabama, Diggs signed with the team. Other schools interested in signing him include Florida and Auburn.

Diggs is also known for his older brother, Darez. The two brothers were teammates in high school and attended Morgan State. They also played together on the football team at UAB. Diggs has a younger sibling, Porsche Green. Both of them have played in professional football. Trevon’s father is Stefon. His brother, despite the death of his father, relies on his mentorship and advice to succeed.

In addition to his parents’ deaths, Trevon Diggs is also known for his age. He was twenty-three years old when he was born in 1997. His father died in 2008 of congestive heart failure. The name of his wife is unknown. There are no official rumors regarding her death. The age of Trevon Diggs can be estimated from online sources. If you are wondering about Trevon Diggs’ personal details, you can check out his Instagram profile to learn more about him.


Trevon Diggs, a rookie NFL player, has a salary of $8 million. But is it worth it? You might be surprised to find out. Diggs, 23, grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland and went to the Avalon School. As a freshman, Diggs played wide receiver, cornerback and special teams for Alabama Crimson Tide. He is now part of the 2020 NFL Draft for the Dallas Cowboys.

The 85th meeting of NFL franchises was the NFL Draft. It included rounds four through seven. The draft was originally scheduled for Paradise, Nevada, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced all draft events to be cancelled. Instead, Roger Goodell, the league commissioner, broadcast the picks live from home. Diggs is a great fit to the Cowboys. He is a top-end cornerback prospect because of his ideal height and weight.

Although Trevon Diggs is a young man, his father died when he was nine years old. After his father’s death, he became totally dependent on his older brother. His mother is a retired nurse. He has three younger siblings. Trevon Diggs’ salary is not high, but his father’s was. Since then, he has been in the NFL. He’s made several million dollars playing football.

Diggs is only twenty-one years old, but his net worth is $1-5 million. His main source of income is his football player career. His height and salary are unknown. Trevon Diggs’ private life is very private. He has never been married and has no children. However, his brother Stefon Diggs is a prominent NFL wide receiver.


Trevon Diggs is a cornerback who was drafted in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The cornerback and all-around athlete was 88kg and played college football at Alabama. He has played on both offense and defense and has accumulated 43 solo tackles, 17 passes defensed, four interceptions, and four forced fumbles in his career. His weight was 198 lbs as of June 2018.

During his college career, Trevon Diggs was originally a wide receiver but was moved to cornerback after suffering a foot injury. He stands 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs in at 204 pounds. He has been selected for the Pro Bowl in the coming year. However, he has not always had the perfect body type. The biggest mistake rookie wide receivers make when evaluating their body type is to ignore it.

He was the only child of Stephanie, a single mother, and five siblings. This meant that he shared clothes and coats among his siblings. In 2008, his father, Aron, died. The family had to survive on a single income. This was how Trevon developed his body. In college, he studied at Maryland and was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. He was a full-time starter for the Vikings by midway through his rookie season.

Relationship with Yasmine Lopez

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While there are no confirmed reports regarding the couple’s relationship, the actress has been linked to many other celebrities. The actress has appeared with Kanye West. The two were seen at a party together, and this was a sign of a possible romance. Though, neither Diggs nor Yasmine have confirmed that the couple is dating, they have been linked in social media for some time.

How Much Is Trevon Diggs Worth?
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