How Old Was Ja Morant When He Was Drafted?

The question “how old was Ja Morant when he was drafted” is a very common one among basketball enthusiasts. After all, the Murray State guard was a sophomore when he declared for the NBA draft in 2018. While he was at Murray State, he was observing a different player. He accidentally met Morant. While there, he fell in love with the community. He eventually signed with the Cavaliers.

Ja Morant was an unknown student in college. His athleticism and explosiveness have earned him national recognition. He was one of three freshmen to record triple-doubles last season. He was also the seventh freshman in 25-years to score at least 150 points, and to have at least 10 assists. He also had 10 blocks and shot over 42 percent from the field.

The next season, the Memphis Grizzlies selected Morant with the second overall pick in the NBA Draft, behind Zion Williamson. He signed with the team on July 2, 2019, and made his debut against Miami Heat. On February 9, 2020, he was named a Wooden Award finalist. On June 29, 2019, Morant announced his entry into the NBA draft. However, his decision to declare for the draft was complicated by his previous drug addiction.

Ja Morant’s age when drafted was a defining factor in his success as a professional basketball player. He was born in Dalzell, South Carolina on August 10, 1999. He was not noticed by many high school students and only received two scholarship offers prior to his senior season. He was drafted by Memphis Grizzlies as the second overall pick in 2019 NBA Draft.

Ja Morant was born 10 August 1999. He attended Crestwood High School in South Carolina. Tee Morant, his father, was a former pro basketball player who played for Claflin University. Tee retired from the league shortly before Ja was born. Ja learned basketball from his father and was able to compete against older players. He was even a competitor in an Amateur Union competition alongside Zion Williamson from Duke.

His age is a determining factor but so is his ability to reach the highest levels of the NBA. Morant’s skills as a point guard have made him a valuable asset for his team. His versatility has allowed Morant to play in 11 games, each with three-pointers. His growth is a catalyst to Memphis’ playoff run. With the right tools, Morant could be a franchise-building asset for years to come.

Half-dozen NBA General Managers stated that they would have preferred to see Morant’s shooting abilities before selecting him in round 1. However, one said he would still take Williamson despite the concern about his size. Morant has since been averaging six threes a game and making 44% of his 6-point attempts through four games. The film was directed by Dexton Deboree, and is available online at Crackle.

How Old Was Ja Morant When He Was Drafted?
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