How Tall is Colby Covington?

To answer the question, “how tall is Colby Covington? “, we will look at his height. The MMA fighter was born on 22 February 1988 in Clovis, California. He is an American citizen with a white ethnic background. In addition, he has an elder sister, Candace Covington. Whether you love him or hate him, Colby Covington is a good role model and has achieved fame in the mixed martial arts world.

How tall is Colby Covington? Colby Covington, a professional mixed-martial artist, is 5’11” tall. The former welterweight is five feet and eleven inches tall. His 168-pound body weight equals 1.8 meters. His nickname is Chaos. He was a member of the American Top Team from 2011 to 2020. Currently, the MMA star is signed with numerous sponsors. Check out the links below to learn more about his height.

When he was a young boy, Covington won a state wrestling championship at 171 pounds. He won many matches in college and qualified for the NCAA tournament as an freshman. Covington won two PAC-10 Championships in Oregon State University, and a world championship silver in 2013.

After joining the UFC in 2014, Colby Covington has fought over the past few years. He has also faced “The Fresh Prince of Kendall” Caceres. He was disappointed in his fight against Caceres because it didn’t showcase his full potential. After the loss to Caceres, Covington decided to change his career and sign with the UFC.

Colby Covington has also participated in MMA and professional wrestling tournaments. His record in the welterweight category is 16-2. Covington’s networth is estimated to be $2 million thanks to his lucrative endorsement deals. He also has tie-ups to Cannafornia CBD, Bang Energy. With so many sponsorship deals and a growing fan base, his net worth is expected to continue to rise.

Regardless of his MMA career, Colby Covington’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million. He has fought at welterweight and was named interim welterweight king in 2013 and earned $310,000. He has a net worth of approximately $500 thousand a year and is one of the most successful and popular MMA stars in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about Colby Covington’s net worth, read on to discover more.

Colby was an active participant in an amateur MMA club during high school. Colby later moved to Florida to train with the American Top Team. While in college, he fought for the 165 lb national junior college championship. He won three consecutive fights, and a FILA No Gi Grappling World Championship with no points. Do not be alarmed if you are wondering “How tall is Colby Covington?”

He is a solid fighter, despite the fact that he’s only 24 years old. The UFC wanted to assign him a bout against Tyrone Woodley in September of this year, but he declined due to injury. Covington has been assigned the fight by the UFC. The UFC will soon make up the difference. And as if he doesn’t have enough to do already, he’ll probably be challenged again by Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title again in December 2019.

How Tall is Colby Covington?
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