How to Add F4 Help in Table Control

how to add f4 help in table control 36396

You can add F4 help to standard screen fields by using the DYNP_VALUES_READ function module. It will read the first field on the selection screen and create an internal table to display dynamic assistance. There are two parameters you need to set: p_werks is a mandatory field, and p_matnr is a value request. These two parameters determine the help text that is displayed.

First, you need to create a screen ‘0001’. You can also add a search help field ‘F4_Help’. Then, you can add a field name ‘Bill_No’ to the layout of the screen. You can then create an event for the screen “0001” and activate it. Next, click the “New Screen” button on the SAP GUI to create a screen titled ‘0001. Then, provide a short text. You can also choose the “Normal Screen” radio button. The screen will display the fields in the VBRK table.

How to Add F4 Help in Table Control
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