How to Build a Dog Stacking Box

First, determine where your dog’s rear feet should be. This can be done by measuring the dog’s stance. You will then need to cut six pieces of wood. Two long for the sides, and four for the ends. These pieces will be the platforms on which your dog will stand. Once you have cut the pieces, you can put together the dog stacking box. It’s that easy!

Stack boxes are a great tool for helping your dog perfect their show winning stand stay. By allowing your dog to learn the proper way to stand, this will prevent your dog from falling and causing chronic pain and mobility issues. These boxes aren’t available at most stores, but you can build one yourself. To build a dog stacking box, measure your dog’s height and length to determine how much wood you need. Once you have the measurements of your dog’s length and width, cut the wood. Add footboards and finish the box to ensure your dog will stand in it with ease.

A dog stacking box can be a great tool to teach your dog how to stand. It can also be built at home. It is important to make sure that the frame is sturdy. The top pieces of the box should be the correct distance apart to make the dog comfortable and safe. Adjustable pieces may be an option for your dog’s comfort. It will also help if you have a specialized trainer or dog-training tool for your dog.

When choosing a stacking container for your puppy, consider his height. The XL Bully is an example of this; he stands over 20 inches tall. Therefore, the box should be wide enough to accommodate his or her height. If your puppy has already grown, consider purchasing an XXL Bully stacking box. Alternatively, you can use a standard dog stacking box if your dog is small.

How to Build a Dog Stacking Box
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