How to Calculate Your White and Williams Salary

how to calculate your white and williams salary 28385

White and Williams’ salaries can vary depending on the job title or department. Associate, Partner, and Law Clerk positions are all paid a high salary, while the lowest paid roles include Accounting and Facilities. The average salary for Associate at White and Williams is $79,000 per year. However, the lowest-paid positions in White and Williams are listed below. Learn how to calculate your White & Williams salary and if it is comparable with your current or desired salary.

While many attorneys report a great deal of financial stress, 61 percent of lawyers at midsize firms say they are generally satisfied with their salaries. That’s a far cry from the ten percent that report stress related to their pay. Vincent Barbera, a Philadelphia-based associate at White and Williams LLP, is more concerned with the work-life balance, despite his salary. He says that the money is only one factor to consider when determining whether a job is worth it.

How to Calculate Your White and Williams Salary
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