How to Care For a Saluki Insider

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If you are considering getting a Saluki, you may be wondering how to care for your new pet. Salukis are one the oldest dog breeds that the American Kennel Club recognizes. They are calm and gentle companions, and they make excellent watchdogs. However, they do have a strong instinct to hunt any non-canine animals, so obedience training may be necessary to curb this tendency. Small pets are important as Salukis might chase a cat they don’t know.

It will take patience and time to train your Saluki. These dogs are not able to handle harsh training so be patient and consistent with your teaching methods. It is essential to set expectations and set rules early on, so they don’t get confused by training fads. Even though Salukis don’t like harsh discipline, they are loyal and love children. They are also good with other Salukis.

How to Care For a Saluki Insider
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