How to Draw a Shih Tzu

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You’ve learned how to draw a Shih Tzu dog! Now, it’s time to complete the body of your drawing. Start by drawing the dog’s head, followed by the front and back legs. Next, draw the fluffy, curled tail and collar. Make sure your drawing is as accurate as possible. There are many steps involved in drawing a Shih Tzu.

You can view videos on how to draw Shih Tzu to make it easier. Generally, if you’re new to drawing dogs, try pausing the video and watching a drawing tutorial first. Avoid pressing too hard and use light strokes. Make sure you don’t make the drawing look rushed or sloppy, as you won’t be able to adjust your drawing as you go along.

First, draw a circle to begin drawing a Shih Tzu’s head. Make sure the circle is large enough for you to draw the dog’s head without making it too hard to draw. Next, draw small circles that overlap the circles but are slightly larger than the head. Using these, you’ll be able to position the facial features later.

Once you have defined the head, you are ready to move on to the body. A shih tzu’s outline will start with a circle for its head and four circles for the eyes. Next, draw the coat in two tones and add a contrasting color. The rest of the dog should be drawn. Next, draw the eyes as well as the legs. This way, you’ll be able to define the body and add a nice touch to your drawing.

Next, the eyes. It can be difficult to draw the eyes of a dog. Draw them in pencil or in a pencil, and be sure to erase any mistakes that you make. Be realistic in your drawings! You can practice drawing other breeds if you don’t have the time to draw the head of your Shih Tzu. You can try drawing the French bulldog, Pomeranian, or chihuahua.

How to Draw a Shih Tzu
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