How to Enroll in the Royal Canin Academy

If you’re interested in learning more about pet nutrition, you may be interested in the Royal Canin Academy. It is a training institute with an office in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The Academy provides educational resources for veterinary professionals, students, and veterinary nurses. Royal Canin is dedicated to helping these professionals advance their careers in the field of veterinary medicine and nutrition. Royal Canin’s Technical Sales Representatives can help you enroll in the Academy.

You must be a professional to use the Platform. To become a Professional, you must have a valid business license. A valid e-mail address is also required. Royal Canin will send a reminder email to you if you do not respond within the time frame. Otherwise, you must cancel your account and find another one. This policy is a legal binding contract between you and Royal Canin. Please carefully read it.

If you are a Professional, you may use the Platform for personal or professional use. Royal Canin provides ongoing education for veterinary professionals through e-learning courses. The school allows a Vet Student to use the Platform under supervision of a licensed veterinary professional. A Professional must be responsible for their own actions and judgment, and Royal Canin will not be liable for the advice they give you. This policy is subject to change at any time. However, it does not apply for all Royal Canin courses.

While Royal Canin makes every effort to ensure the highest quality training material, Royal Canin reserves the right to cancel any Training at any time. Any changes to the content or format of a Training will communicated to the user via email. Royal Canin will not reimburse the User if the Trainings are canceled. The Platform is constantly evolving and users must be aware of this fact. It might also be temporarily unavailable.

A Professional will receive an email invitation after a successful application. Applicants must complete their application information accurately. After acceptance, applicants will be sent an account link and temporary password. The Professional will have a limited time to activate their Account. The Professional must complete the registration process within the period specified in the email. If approved, the applicant must follow the steps outlined in the training program. It’s not a difficult process to enroll in the Royal Canin Academy.

Royal Canin offers a range of nutritional solutions for all breeds and ages of dogs. The puppy formulas are tailored to the specific health needs of each breed. There are also a variety of adult kibbles, including one for older dogs. For those of you with large breeds, the Royal Canin Academy website contains a wealth of information on veterinary nutrition. The Royal Canin Academy is a valuable resource for pet owners and professionals.

Royal Canin has a long and rich history in the pet food industry. The company has thousands of employees, including veterinary nutrition specialists and researchers. Their 16 factories and four laboratories around the world are home to a number of unique varieties. These food products are available through veterinarian clinics and official websites throughout the world. They also develop Eukanuba products outside of Europe. They help dogs stay healthy and prevent future diseases by using these products.

How to Enroll in the Royal Canin Academy
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