How to Find a Shiba Inu Through Puppyfind Ohio

how to find a shiba inu through puppyfind ohio 46721

The bulletin board service, Puppyfind Ohio, is a great place to look for a Shiba Inu. Keep in mind that while Ohio law prohibits breeders from selling pups that are younger than eight weeks old, some dog breeders in the state will advertise puppies that are as young as five or six weeks old. So, make sure to research the breeder and their background before purchasing a puppy.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, Ohio has sixteen sellers on its Horrible Hundred list. Some breeders are cited multiple times, including for exposing dogs to heat, ill-treatment, and other issues. These breeders are selling their puppies to pet stores all across the country. You can avoid them by using puppyfind Ohio. Regardless of the company, it’s important to look into the reputation of each breeder before purchasing a puppy from them.

Despite these violations, PuppyFind Ohio is proud to report that more than 30 breeders have been cited. The kennels in Ohio’s PuppyFind database have undergone multiple inspections since it began. Sadly, some of these kennels are not accredited. You can check for yourself if the breeder you’re considering has a good reputation or a history of bad behavior.

How to Find a Shiba Inu Through Puppyfind Ohio
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