How to Find Chocolate Yorkie Puppies For Sale

The first thing you should do is to get a harness. This will allow you to walk your dog without putting pressure on his throat. Wait until your pup turns eight weeks old. This is the best age to socialize with your pup’s siblings. When the puppy is around eight weeks old, he’s ready for a new family. At that time, he should be learning basic canine communication and bite inhibition.

Next, visit a local breeder and do some research about the chocolate Yorkie. Many people love chocolate dogs and will often visit a pet shop to find them. It’s a good idea to get several opinions on a breed before making a decision. There are also many websites that offer information on chocolate Yorkie puppies. California has quality AKC registered chocolate yorkie puppies available for sale.

This breed is rare and expensive. These dogs are not bred for show, unlike standard Yorkshire Terriers. Their coat color isn’t the standard. Their temperaments and physical conditions are comparable to their standard siblings making them a great choice for anyone looking to find a companion dog. These puppies are healthy and stable, despite their high price tag. Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers can be a great addition to any home.

It’s possible to wonder why the name chocolate sounds so appealing. The TYRP1 gene is responsible for the chocolate yorkie puppies. This gene is dominant, and darkens eumelanin. Recessive mutations of this gene can cause eumelanin’s color to turn brown. The b allele, must be present in both parents for a chocolate-colored Yorkie to be born.

Some breeders have made a mistake by claiming that their chocolate yorkie puppies are actually not real chocolate. While they are a real chocolate yorkie, they are mixed with other varieties. They may even look like Chocolate Yorkies in some cases. This is because the two coat pigments that determine their color are different. This can lead to confusion for buyers and breeders who are not as careful about chocolate puppies.

While there is no known health condition that affects chocolate Yorkies in any way, it is possible they have recessive genes. However, this does not mean that they are at risk of developing unusual health conditions. Many Chocolate Yorkies live a long and healthy life. However, breeders who focus on color or size may have misguided motives. Don’t let the fads fool your seriousness about purchasing a chocolate Yorkie puppy.

Although chocolate and alcohol are not compatible, you shouldn’t try to prevent your puppy from enjoying your favorite treats. You’re exposing your pup to too much chocolate and risking its health. The good news is that there is a toxicity meter that you can use to find out if your Yorkie has eaten too much chocolate. This website provides a detailed chart that will help you determine how much chocolate your dog has consumed and how much you can give it. The toxicity level of chocolate is determined by the type of chocolate you’ve given him. Although white chocolate is less toxic than cocoa, it’s not as harmful. Too much chocolate can cause diarrhea and upset stomach in your dog.

How to Find Chocolate Yorkie Puppies For Sale
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