How to Flatten a New Mousepad

If your new mousepad is curled, you need to learn how to flatten it. First, lay it flat on a flat surface. Place a weight on one corner and another. Continue this process until your mousepad is flat. Be careful not to iron the mousepad too much, as it can damage the RGB color.

You may need to buy a new mousepad if you are unable to flatten it. This is a simple process that will keep your mousepad flat for a long period of time. However, if you don’t have an iron, you can use a hair straightener or a towel. Be sure to use the lowest setting possible.

You might also wash the mousepad in the washer. Although this method is not recommended, it will get the job done. It will take some effort and time. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for washing. Before washing the mousepad, make sure it is clean.

You can also microwave the mouse pad to flatten it faster. Just put the mouse pad on a plate with water and microwave on high for five to ten seconds. This will also flatten the pad without causing any damage. If you do not have an iron, you can also place the mouse pad on a microwave.

If you don’t have an iron, you can use a damp cloth. You can also iron the mousepad on the lowest setting if necessary. Another way to flatten a mousepad is to lay it flat on a heavy object such as a book. However, be careful not to pull too hard, as it can damage the mousepad’s surface.

Flattening a new mousepad is a relatively simple process. The mousepad is easier to grip if it has a uniform surface. It reduces accidental clicks or drifts. This increases productivity and saves time. Flatten your mousepad before you use it for gaming.

When your mousepad is bumpy and furry, you can’t use it properly. Flattening a mousepad can save you money. This will make it more comfortable to use and will last longer.

How to Flatten a New Mousepad
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