How to Get a New World Trophy in World of Warcraft

There are two different ways to obtain minor corrupted trophies in World of Warcraft: mining and farming. Both of these methods require a high level of Mining and Crafting. Mining is the easiest, but farming takes a bit longer if you want to quickly farm minor corrupted trophy items.

In the New World, Trophies can be placed on the walls of different houses to get passive bonuses. Each house can have up to five trophies. However, they can only place one copy of the same trophy in each house. Placing the same Trophy in more houses can lead to confusion.

Major corrupted trophy require 200 or more furnishings, while minor trophies only require 100. Minor trophies can be purchased at the auction house, or you can ask someone to make them. To build a minor trophy, you will need a workshop at least 3 tiers. You can buy the materials from an auction house if you don’t have a lot of furniture.

Some of the New World Trophies are easy to craft, but others are more difficult. You’ll be able to unlock higher tiers of the exact same Trophy as you increase your crafting skills. However, these Trophy tiers will require more expensive materials. Another way to get minor corrupted trophies is to battle the Ancients. The Ancient Guardians are skeletal enemies dressed in regal attire who guard the vast ruins of Aeternum.

How to Get a New World Trophy in World of Warcraft
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