How to Get a Touken Ranbu Help Token

how to get a touken ranbu help token 36672

You may be wondering how to get a token of assistance for touken ranbu if you are in the early stages of the game. This new game is set in Kumamoto’s abandoned Kumamoto during Keicho era and is synced to the events on the Japanese server. It’s a difficult challenge for new players, but with the right resources, you can get over 1.5 million players within the first year.

While Touken Ranbu is an auto-battler, it does offer a few hints of strategy, namely, that the different swords each have unique properties. Tanto is best suited for close combat, while Wakizashi can be used indoors. The Naginata, however, targets only multiple enemies when the battlefield’s open. For this reason, Touken Ranbu is not just another fighting game.

How to Get a Touken Ranbu Help Token
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