How to Get Rid of the Learning Helper in RimWorld

You’re not the only one who is trying to get rid Rimworld’s learning helper. Many people have also been tasked with figuring out how to get rid of the annoying feature. The good news is Rimworld’s options screen allows you to disable the feature. To turn it off, look for the green check arrow next to “Learning helper.”

The learning helper is an annoying program that you install on your computer. It keeps telling you that you have too many items. You can disable the helper completely by following these steps:

First, install the Dylan’s Children, School and Learning mod. It will add childbirth and pregnancy as well as learning. This mod is recommended for those who want to avoid the learning helper, but not for those who are new to the game. After installing the mod, go into the settings menu and select “Stay Away From Learning Helper.”

You can also recruit prisoners into factions. You can also use RimWorld to set up social interactions to recruit. For example, you could send wardens to prisons then end the conversation with a recruiting pitch. Although most prisoners won’t accept the recruitment pitch it is possible to recruit one into a faction. You will need to be ready to recruit them. Otherwise, Rimworld will not pay you.

You can also try the skip psycast, which is similar to a charged black hole or a spherical cut in spacetime. You can also create items and earn quest rewards. However, you should remember that the Werewolf will not be able to see the location of your item. The location of the health patches will vary from mod to mod. If your mod has children, you might have to place it at the bottom.

The new system replaces the yellow learning alerts and pop-up messages with a new tutorial system. It highlights relevant controls, and then you can go back to playing the game with the normal storyteller. This new learning helper system is easy to use and has a significant impact on how the game plays. While it can be annoying, it’s important to keep playing! There is no need to panic if you’re stuck, though. You can enjoy the game again with the new system.

How to Get Rid of the Learning Helper in RimWorld
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