How to Get Your Dog to Tickle Your Feet

A tickle lick can be very effective on dogs’ feet. But before you try to tickle your dog, keep in mind that this behavior is not natural. It is a sign of stress and should be avoided. Instead, find something to distract your dog’s attention, such as a favorite toy or other distraction. The more he wants to tickle you, the more likely he is to lick your feet!

Dogs will lick their feet if they smell something delicious. You may not be aware that your feet have a sticky morsel. Dogs’ olfactory systems detect the flavor and will take in every drop. Your dog may be attracted by a snack with a salty taste if it is given a snack. You may be surprised to learn that your dog is able to detect this taste by simply tickling its feet.

Dogs that lick their feet can indicate a deeper problem such as a medical condition or stressful situation. Dog psychologists believe that persistent licking is an attempt to deal with stress, and it may have its origins in interactions with its mother during infancy. Training is crucial to reduce this behavior in dogs, regardless of the reason. For those who are struggling to train your dog’s foot-licking behavior, here are some tips.

How to Get Your Dog to Tickle Your Feet
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