How to Groom Your Yorkie Long Hair

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Keeping your Yorkie’s long hair in check is a simple task. Here are some tips to keep your Yorkie’s hair looking its best. Your dog only needs a little daily brushing. You can also groom your Yorkie’s body and face with a mustache or beard. Both options require regular grooming and are easy to maintain. Keep in mind that both hairstyles have a distinct set of advantages.

If you want to showcase your Yorkie’s personality, a short and sweet haircut is a great choice. The short style makes the hair on the ears and tails longer than the rest of your dog’s coat. This is easy because of the Yorkie’s long mustache. This cut is great for moderate climates, as it protects skin from the harmful UV rays.

A Puppy Cut is a more low-maintenance version of the Show Cut. It is easy to maintain and keeps your dog’s fur sleek and shiny. Compared to the Show Cut, the Puppy Cut is more comfortable for your Yorkie and requires less grooming. Additionally, the Puppy Cut requires less grooming than the Show Cut. Lastly, this style allows you to accessorize with your pet’s short hair.

The Kennel Cut is another low maintenance option for your Yorkie. It is ideal for Yorkies and requires very little maintenance. This cut allows you to comb your hair yourself and keep it looking great without the need for a professional stylist. This cut is great for hot summer months, when your dog can get very hot. You can also trim your pup’s tail and paws with the Kennel Cut to keep them cool.

You will need to trim your Yorkie’s long hair if you want to show it. Yorkshire Terriers are well-known for their long, flowing hair. While they’re beautiful and versatile, their thick coat can also be a chore to maintain. Therefore, most owners will take their Yorkies to the groomer at least monthly. A breed show dog needs a full coat, whereas a pet Yorkie should be kept short and clean.

The Puppy Cut is another option for long hair Yorkies. The Puppy Cut is a similar haircut to the Puppy Cut but it is cut at an angle. This cut makes the dog look cute and accentuates the cute stubby nose. However, this style will require more daily grooming. This style is an advanced version of the Puppy cut and is great for those who enjoy spending a lot of time in water.

How to Groom Your Yorkie Long Hair
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