How to Harvest Wyrdwood in World of Warcraft

Although Wyrdwood trees are found all over the New World map they are most common in the Brightwood area. They can also be found east of Weaver’s Fen and in the center of Everfall. The Wyrdwood tree, a tall, glowing blue-colored tree, is large and tall.

This wood can be used for crafting certain weapons and other gears. Wyrdwood can be found in the Canopus POI east of Weaver’s Fen. You can upgrade the tools you use to gather these trees by completing Wyrdwood recipes. Wyrdwood can also used to make unique furniture.

Once you have the Steel Logging Axe you can begin harvesting Wyrdwood. To cut down trees, you will need to be at least level 21. You can buy one of these axes from the trading post. You can use the wood for crafting or money making once you have it.

The Wyrdwood tree is the first special kind of tree you can harvest in the New World. To obtain them, you must complete 100 logging levels. You can use a compass to track the Wyrdwood tree in order to harvest it. Encumbrance potions can be used to temporarily increase the amount of items you can carry. This is especially helpful if you are just starting out in New World.

Once you have reached a certain level you can track rare trees that drop higher-tier wood. This way, you can get more experience by harvesting more trees at once. You will eventually be able to remove mature trees. This will help you to level faster.

Ironwood Trees are scarce throughout the New World, but can be found in groups in higher-level zones. If you have high logging levels, they can be farmed. Ironwood Trees are also widely scattered around the Aeternum area, south of Edengrove and east of Shattered Mountain.

To increase your chances of finding rare drops, you can also increase your logging luck. Logging Luck is a key factor in achieving this feat. Obtaining rare items from the rare drops of trees requires higher Logging Luck. These rare drops are worth a great deal to you, especially if you’re new to the game.

How to Harvest Wyrdwood in World of Warcraft
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