How to Help Amanda in GTA 5

how to help amanda in gta 5 37022

Michael is the best choice to help Amanda in GTA 5. He must steal Amanda’s locked cop car in order to help her escape the police. You will have to pay him $5,000 if you do not help Amanda. If you don’t help Amanda, you will have to pay $5,000 and face all the consequences. To help Amanda, follow the steps below. Listed below are the steps you must follow to help Amanda in GTA 5.

– Find an easy way out of the Police car. Amanda is easy to beat in a single game. However, she becomes more difficult as you move on to full sets. Find a good hiding place and then drive back to your house. You can trust that the police officers will have the exact same goals as you. If you manage to get out of your car, you’ll be awarded a 2-star Wanted Level.

How to Help Amanda in GTA 5
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