How to Help Bearded Dragon Shed

One of the most important aspects of pet care for a bearded dragon is learning how to help it shed. Reptiles shed as part of their daily life. Different bearded dragons shed for different reasons and at different times of their life. If you notice your beardie has a difficult time shedding, you should know that shedding is a normal process and you should not force it.

To help your beardie shed, you must understand that the shedding process is a complex process. You should monitor the skin change for signs that it is time to shed. The shedding process can take longer if your beardie is sleepy or irritable. Bearded dragons also eat their shed skin to hide from predators. Therefore, your beardie may not be as comfortable when it is shedding, but you can take steps to make the process easier for them.

Another method of helping your beardie shed is bathing him in warm water. Warm water can be used to bathe your beardie. During this time, if the dragon’s tail is discolored or is brittle, it could be an indication of failing circulation. By bathing your beardie regularly, you can ensure a smooth and healthy coat and prevent infections.

Bearded dragons may lose their appetites during the shedding process. Some of them may not eat at all. However, this is not the case with all beardies. Baby Bearded Dragons, unlike humans, usually shed for a short time after their shedding is completed. Because their minds tell them to eat all the time, this is why they have short periods of time when their shedding process is complete. It is possible that they are in the middle of the process. However, it may not be clear if this is due to the shedding process.

The shedding process can take up to a week or as little as one week. This is dependent on the environment and the age of the bearded Dragon. Older bearded dragons shed less often than younger ones. The rapid growth cycle results in frequent shedding, especially when the beardie is very young. Before the beardie sheds, it must be healthy.

One way to help your beardie shed faster is to mist the tank. However, be sure not to over-mist your beardie’s tank, as this could cause reparative problems. Bearded dragons like areas of their tank that are warmer, so misting your beardie’s tank can increase its humidity levels. During shedding, beardie dragons prefer areas with more humidity. Misting will help raise the humidity in the tank and make the shedding process easier.

Misting your beardie’s face and body can also help it loosen its skin. Your beardie’s skin can be loosened by misting it every day for 15 to twenty minutes. The beardie will also lick its lips by misting its face. Massage your beardie gently when it starts to shed skin. Your beardie will soon become used to the massage.

How to Help Bearded Dragon Shed
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