How to Help the Sea Emperor in Subnautica

If you want to help the sea emperor in Subnautica, you’ll need to know where to find him. First, you should look at the Primary Containment Facility at coordinates 200, 1440, 222. To get there, head to the coral tube sticking out of the water to the northeast. The next place to go is the Lost River, where you’ll need to collect Blue Tablets. A reinforced dive suit is required, as well as an ultra- or high-capacity O2 Tank.

After gathering enough flora, you can try to hatch the Eggs of the Sea Emperor Leviathan. These eggs will hatch if the player helps them hatch. They will not survive if the player isn’t the one who hatches them. They may survive if they are the only survivors from a prehistoric event. They can communicate with other living things and have telepathic abilities, which could prove to be very helpful.

The Sea Emperor Leviathan, an aggressive creature, has a body almost identical to the Sea Dragon Leviathan. It uses seven tentacles at the ends of its body to propel itself through the ocean. Its head is shaped as a hammerhead and has two pairs light blue eyes. Between its mandibles, it has a glowing hollow. It also has seven large tentacles on its posterior.

The Sea Emperor Leviathan is a living species of the Leviathan class fauna, and is the biggest animal in the Subnautica universe. It eats microscopic animals and aids humans in curing the Kharaa bacteria. It’s easy to find rare food sources and aid the Emperor in his quest to cure the disease. So, if you’re looking for ways to help the Sea Emperor, consider using the tools available to you to fight it.

The emperor’s symbiotic relationship with other life forms has made it an ideal cure for the bacterium, and it can help humans find ways to treat it. It is worth noting that sea emperors live with small groups near ocean trenches. They come to the surface to feed on microorganisms. The species’ food supply limits the size of herds. Young members often split off to start their own herds.

How to Help the Sea Emperor in Subnautica
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