How to Help Venthyr and Night Fae in World of Warcraft

There are many ways to help Venthyr and Night Fae in the game. It may sound intimidating at first, but there are some simple and effective ways to do so. Read on to discover more. Listed below are some of the most important tips to remember when helping these two factions. The best way to play these characters is to be as observant as possible and follow the rules of the game as closely as possible.

Night Fae are the embodiment of nature and the shepherds who protect the natural world. Their home is in the Emerald Dream mirror known as Ardenweald. Since the dawn of time, the Venthyr have been cruel and sadistic beings. They are the rulers of the negative Silvermoon, and they live in the Revendreth zone, a dark, Gothic-style area with towering castles. Each Covenant has its own set of unique abilities and traits.

The Covenants are very useful in almost all situations. Kyrian’s Class Ability is very powerful in most situations. Although Venthyr’s class ability is very powerful in many situations, it rarely achieves its full potential. Because of its superior single-target DPS, the Necrolord is the best choice in raids and Mythic+. Both Night Fae and Venthyr are good in single-target fights, but Venthyr is better in raids and mythic+.

Increasing damage output with Night Fae – Blazing Slaughter increases critical strike and Agility. Venthyr – Agony Gaze increases Sinful Brand and Eye Beam/Fel Devastation damage. The bonus damage stacks up to 15%. It also increases the chance to use an exceptional spell. Lastly, Night Fae – Rampant Transference increases the strength and duration of Death’s Due, giving them Shadow Blades. This spell also grants Vendetta to the current target. Vendetta also increases Versatility 0.5%

Venthyr is the best single-target choice. Its high single-target and AoE potential makes it a strong option for Mythic+. It also has higher single-target potential, which is why it’s often brought by Subtlety rogues. Whether it’s Venthyr or Night Fae, they are the most effective options. They are the strongest options for most encounters.

Night Fae are very useful for a DPS and in heavy burst mechanics. The Night Fae grant movement speed as well as Soulshape. Allies also get damage reduction from the Night Fae. However, they are high-maintenance. These two classes can be overpowered. For best results, you should try to combine them in a group. You can also use them as a part of a DPS to support the DPS.

How to Help Venthyr and Night Fae in World of Warcraft
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