How to Increase Your Ar/AP Salary

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An Ar/AP salary is determined by many factors. There are several things you can do in order to increase your ar/ap income. One of the best ways is to become certified in the accounting process. This certification is required by many organizations for AP clerks. An average salary for an AP clerk in mid-sized to large companies is between $30,250 and $40,750 per year. If you already have a CAPA designation, consider pursuing this to boost your salary.

CAPA designation increases ar/ap salaries

Earning a CAPA designation will increase your ar/ap salary by a significant amount. The Institute of Financial Operations offers this designation, which recognizes you as an accounts payable professional with special knowledge. This designation is a great way for you to be recognized as a top-level professional in your field. This designation will allow you to attend industry workshops and best practices. In addition to increasing your ar/ap salary, it will enhance your professional image.

AP clerks averaged $30,250 to $40,750 a year at midsized organizations

According to Robert Half Finance & Accounting, accounts-payable clerks earned an annual salary of $28,000 to $37,250 in 2012. The salary range rose to $40,750 in large organizations. According to the latest statistics from Robert Half, AP clerks are expected to earn between $31,250 and $42,500 in 2013.

Average annual salary for AP clerks at large organizations was $30,250 to $40.750

Robert Half Finance & Accounting reported that accounts-payable clerks made an average of $28,000-37,250 per annum. These employees typically work for large organizations. These employees also have higher salaries. Accounts-payable clerks made an average of $30,000. to $40.750 per year in 2012, depending on the size of their company. In 2013, the salary for AP clerks is projected to increase to $32,250 to $44,250.

How to Increase Your Ar/AP Salary
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