How to Install a Chicken Wire Fence For Dogs

You’ve probably had to keep your dog out of the yard because he ran away. The first step in erecting this fence is to decide where you want to put it. Then, determine the size of the area you’ll need for the fence. You may need to locate a larger area if the area is small. Dig a hole two feet deep by 18 inches wide and level the post.

Next, mark the posts at the same height. You can use a tapeline or a folding meter stick to get a similar height on each post. If you’re not sure how to measure each post, use a spirit level or your phone. When you’re satisfied with the height of each post, use a sharpie to mark it. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the height of each post.

A chicken wire fence is the best choice for large backyards. A fence keeps your dog safe from unwanted people and wild animals – especially if you haven’t had your pup spayed. The fence will also deter your dog’s tendency to dig under the fence. To prevent your dog from getting stuck in the fence, remove its collar while you are installing it.

A chicken wire fence is not indestructible and isn’t impenetrable. Whether foxes or woodchucks, they’ll eventually chew through it. A six-foot-high fence is a safer bet. A four-foot fence is a better choice if you have a larger yard. A high fence will also increase your chances of keeping your dog in the yard.

Black bears are not the only threat, but foxes can also be a problem. Although foxes may look cool on YouTube, they are sly predators that will eat chickens. So, consider erecting a fence to protect your chickens. You will feel confident that you made the right choice. Continue reading to find out if a chicken wire fence would be worth the cost.

Safety is the first priority with any dog enclosure, so make sure you build a sturdy, reliable fence. Coyotes are opportunistic predators that can cause harm to your pup. A chicken wire fence not only looks good but also keeps predators away. Moreover, the fence also has a low maintenance factor. This will allow you to save money and give your dog the security they require.

How to Install a Chicken Wire Fence For Dogs
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