How to Maintain a Schnauzer Without a Beard

You might be surprised to find out that not all male schnauzers have beards. While long beards are the most common, there are now also a number of female schnauzers with shorter beards. Many breeds can have both. If you are considering getting one, you should consider its appearance first.

Schnauzers have a longer snout than their heads, which means that they tend to grow facial hair. You can give your Schnauzer a fashionable look by trimming its fur at the top and bottom. It’s a good idea to clip the hair around the neck and body for a more pronounced effect. Keep in mind that a Schnauzer without a beard is very high maintenance.

The classic Schnauzer cut is to trim the back, legs, and some of the tail. The beard is also left on the head. You can choose a more dramatic look if you don’t want your Schnauzer to have a beard. For example, you could have a beard on the head and legs, or you could go for a shaggy look. You will look more sophisticated if you don’t have a beard, however.

Water that contains a high mineral content can stain a schnauzer’s beard. Your pet’s face may be discolored from drinking bottled water. Aside from bottled water, milk of magnesia paste can keep your schnauzer’s face white. Apply a paste of this substance to the stained area. This will prevent the stains from forming and will prevent any further discoloration.

If you want to keep your Schnauzer’s beard-free, you may want to trim the hair around its face. You have the option to trim the beard, eyebrows and whiskers or let the full beard grow. Remember to brush the beard every day. Although a shaved beard can look very attractive on a Schnauzer, it should not compromise the health of your dog.

Another thing you should look for in a schnauzer is excessive staining. This can be frustrating for you and your schnauzer, but you can avoid it by making a few changes to your dog’s diet and grooming regimen. If the staining continues, visit your vet to have it tested. To remove food debris and prevent staining under the eyes, you can also use non-scented baby wiping products.

The coat of a schnauzer is usually the same length all over its body, giving it a fluffy appearance. You can trim the beard to fit the dog’s face. You can also leave the beard longer. Both styles are easy-to-maintenance. This style is comfortable for your dog and keeps it tangle-free. You might consider a schnauzer with no beard if you have allergies to fur.

How to Maintain a Schnauzer Without a Beard
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